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5 Free Desktop Background Designs

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This design is entitled: My-Nokia Design

Details: Self explanatory, It is a design I did when I first got my Nokia phone, I thought about doing something creative with it to express how I use my smart phone in relation to my work, life and design.

michael jackson tribute desktop background design

This design is entitled: Michael Jackson Tribute

Details: Self explanatory as well, I designed this the week that I found out that M.J. Died. At first I didn’t think his death would have such an impact on me, but it did. Growing up listening to MJ and my siblings who loved MJ also sinked into me musically.

horizon-x desktop background art design

This design is entitled: Horizon X

Details: A creative design I did out of boredom lol using about 200 layers, gradients, levels, stocks, and color direction.

august audi desktop background art design

This design is entitled: Audi R-8 August Desktop Design

Details: Another design I created of a car model I absolutely love Audi R-8. I have always thought the Audi’s would be big at a point in time in regards to brand name and I believe they are.

castle mount desktop background design

This design is entitled:Castle Mount Desktop Design

Details: A design I created to compose a fantasy design and thought of creativity.

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