Monthly Archive: June 2011

usher raymond wallpaper designed by kenal 1

Free Usher Desktop Wallpaper Design

Free Usher Desktop Wallpaper Design Colored Version Some designs I composed of Mr. Usher Raymond the global superstar combined with a pencil drawing I did of him. It’s been amazing watching usher since I  heard “My Way” to now “OMG”. He Always adapts to how music have trended over the...

Luther Vandross Here and Now banner 0

Luther Vandross – Here And Now (Musical Time Machine)

  Growing up Luther Vandross was one of the artists I admired for his music and still admire today. He always wrote music that had nothing, but the purest essence of love that was expressed with words. My entire household practically fell in love with Luther’s music. My brothers and sister...

album cover design for Sonya Khan 0

Album covers and Mixtape cover designs

Album cover design is something that I truly specialize in and view as art. I know that every artist/musician is their own and have their own persona and do my best to capture their essence and express their character through their album cover designs. Below are some album cover designs...

eyes are the keys to your sould 3

Addicted Type Of Love (poem) written by Kenal

  Girl I am addicted like I am a crack fiend My addiction is to you my gorgeous royal queen Late at night I’m scratching through the lonely withdrawals While I am trying not to confuse our lust for love The fights and the arguments Gets really complicated when we’re...

tahoe rapper banner 0

Tahoe – 7 Teen (Rising Musician)

  Tahoe was raised in Los Angeles, California, with a passion for graffiti and the street culture of Los Angeles. Tahoe enjoyed music of all genres. Being inspired by hip hop artists such as, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Others Tahoe began to express another skill which he was gifted...

selena gomez background design by kenal 0

Free Selena Gomez Desktop Background Design

Selena Gomez Background Design These are some desktop background designs I composed with a drawing I did of Selena Gomez and a combination of textures. Click on the background you like and save the image to download it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

michael jackson behind the mask 0

Michael Jackson – Behind The Mask (new music review)

  Though Michael Jackson is gone from the world his music still lives on. This is a music video put together with a countless amount of MJ’s fans dancing and singing to the latest single release in Michael’s remembrance “Behind The Mask”. The song is nothing short of great vocals...