Letters Falling On The Page Like Rain (poem) written by kenal

eyes are the keys to your sould

Letters are falling on the page like rain,
Memories insinuating my brain;
My eyes project the story, which is on the page,
As I recite the words that are displayed;
The pen is crying tears of ink full of pain,
While the lines attempts to catch each phrase;
A novel of a chapter in my life summarized in an excerpt,
The thought of me stopping is like the sun not shinning;
Or me racing through a desert full of scorpions.
Letters! Without them speech is dead,
Better yet! Without them the universe is dread;
God said let there be light,
Without it darkness would prevail;
So speak and not stay silent when darkness tries to taunt you,
Exhort letters, sounds, words and be profound;
Bold declaring that the letters that you utter,
Are significant, direct and be sure not to stutter;
They are the beginning and the end;
In the beginning was the word!
And the word was with God!
And the word was God!


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1 Response

  1. Anuj Sharma says:

    You Did An Amazing Work To It.
    Sometimes i feel like you got to be famous man! keep doin yo’ shit ;)