Good Good Night by Roscoe Dash

Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night
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Roscoe Dash’s latest single “Good Good Night” is fresh, swag, catchy and a club anthem. This is a song for anyone over 21 years of age and can easily play at their party or a celebration. Having a good night after success or some special occasion is worth it. On the contrary if someone is having a good night by themselves every-night drinking their lives away that is NOT GOOD. Not to get too far away from the song, it is a hot track. I have heard some of Roscoe Dash’s past music and I think this one is my favorite because it is hyped and just plain hot. This song is a party and club song. If you are going to party do it well and have a good night. The music video is also hot and expresses the liveliness of the song. It also reminds me of the movie Hang Over.

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