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Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères by Corneille ft. La Fouine

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Corneille is a French/English musician thought born in Germany. Corneille is one of my favorite french music performing artists. His label Wagram have recently released “Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères” by Corneille and La Fouine and it is a beautiful song. I am a sucker for music with a great melody, hook and vocal performance by musicians, which is what music should be though that is not always the case. Check out the new song by Corneille ft. La Fouine even if you don’t speak french I am sure you can still appreciate the musicality of the song along with “Le jour après la fin du Monde” his prior single release.

Des Pères, des Hommes et des Frères ft. La Fouine

Le jour après la fin du Monde

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