Muscle & Anatomy Drawing Of Week 1

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Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

Metropolitan Community College Skeleton and Muscle Drawing Assignment

Understanding human anatomy is a big deal and big part of drawing figures and full body characters. I am studying to become an excellent and skillful animator in the 3D and 2D art form of motion pictures because I am a huge anime and cartoon lover. I also enjoy Art more than anything in this world, I can see myself 60 or 80 years of age still painting and drawing pictures to the point where death comes and it is the last thing that I did while on the earth.

skeleton and muscle anatomy drawing

skeleton and muscle anatomy drawing

This is an assignment myself and the other students I am taking electronic drawing at the local community college with were required to complete our first week taking the drawing course. The process is to help us as students develop and enhance our drawing drawings in understand the human skeleton and muscle system.

Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

Skeleton Drawing for Week 1 at MCC – Electronic Drawing

skeleton anatomy drawing
This is my Skeleton drawing completed in class from a skeleton model, which was displayed for all of us in the class to draw in a period of 45 minutes. We completed three skeleton drawings in 3 periods of 45 minutes and the was one of my results from my perception of proportion and angle I viewed the model at based on where I sat.

The main parts of the Skeleton Drawing consists of the following major bones and parts.

skeleton anatomy drawing

skeleton anatomy drawing


  1. The Skull
  2. Cranium
  3. Facial bones
  4. The Thoracic Cage
  5. Clavicle
  6. Scapula
  7. Sternum
  8. Ribs
  9. Humerus
  10. Vertebra
  11. Radius and Ulna
  12. The Vertebral Column
  13. The Sacrum
  14. Carpals
  15. Phalanges
  16. Metacarpals
  17. Femur
  18. Patella
  19. Tibia
  20. Fibula
  21. Tarsals
  22. Metatarsals



 Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

Muscle Drawing For Week 1 Assignment At MCC

Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

This is the muscle drawing that was assigned as homework and I managed to finish the drawing and labeled the major muscles, which makes the body function.

If I have to draw this 500 times to finally get the muscle anatomy the best I can possibly do I will dedicate the time, sacrifice to get it right.

Some of my favorite superheros and comic book characters all have the most muscle defined structure/physique as characters and that is due to the proficiency and skill level in understand how the muscle anatomy connects and functions by the artists that created them. Heroes like the Hulk, Ironman, Deadpool, Spwan, Dragon Ball Z character Goku, and countless of others.

Though heroes are not always huge and have ripped muscles like Rorouni Kenshin or Yusuke of The YuYu Hakusho, it is still yet very important that a visual artist have a good perception of anatomy.


What are your thoughts on the importance of knowing the human muscles and bone structure besides for medical reasons.

Anatomy in 3d Modeling

muscle anatomy 3d model

This is a 3D model created by Dave Luciew that is very skillful in the field of Animation, Creative Direction, Visual Arts. Without anatomy all of our favorite video games, animation films or shows simply would not be as good as they are or even exist to be our favorites.

Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

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 Muscle & Anatomy Drawing

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