Michael Jackson Abstract Art For Sale

Michael Jackson Abstract Art by Pierre Kenal Louis This composed artwork is a post modern abstract color drawing I did of the late Pop icon Michael Jackson. Michael was a big influence to my life in many ways; some ways Michael's music impact my life were emotionally and musically. His music was … Continue reading

Post Modern Art Of Lovers For Sale

Post Modern Art Of Lovers by Pierre Kenal Louis It started 17 years ago when I picked up my first pencil as child to draw, but what I remember drawing at 4 years-old was a box car. A car that was 2 dimensional with not perspective, shading, clean lines, or much meaning. Since the time I took up … Continue reading

Eagle Drawing by Pierre Kenal Louis

Eagle Drawing This eagle drawing I composed with multiple colors is one of the first and favorite artwork I have created in the past year. I have yet to create any more wildlife animal drawings in the similar style of composition, but I plan to do more depending on the reaction I get pertaining to … Continue reading