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Shades of Jade presented by Jade Novah

If I was to start writing about an artist and said that she had a voice of an angel would that be too cliche? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if it comes across as that either way.

Jade Novah born under the name Lindsay Fields from Cleveland, Ohio delivers something unique, fresh, classy and captivating in establishing a major fan base in the music industry. Her persona is also reflected by her stage name. According to her website “Jade, embodying femininity, positivity and love, represents her softer side, Novah (which is an exploding star) represents her exciting, confident, and at times, loud side.”

Recently she released Shades of Jade and I am loving what this girl brings as a musician in sound, presence and readiness to shake the world. The mix-tape was produced exclusively by an also very talented music producer, composer, songwriter, & instrumentalist called Devin Johnson who is  a Berklee College of Music Alumni.

Read more about Jade on her Website.

Featured Musicians | JADE NOVAH

jade novah

Listen to Shades of Jade by Jade Novah

Jade Novah Among Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld

The mix-tape is unbelievable and hard to believe that this was produced to be given away for free. My thought on great mix-tapes released by talented artists such as Jade always generate high expectations, when the artist actually composed a full album in the future. Frank Ocean is also a phenomenal musicians and had several great songs for free that he released, but the Channel Orange album failed to captivate me as some of his songs did on his actual album. I found only two songs that I could really feel that were musical similar to countless of the past songs he released. The thee songs were “Thinking About You”, “Crack Rocks”, and “Bad Religion”.  Nevertheless both of these musicians Jade and Frank are talent that have to be recognized regardless their genre or direction in music.

Among my favorites on her mix-tape Shades of Jade are her recordings of “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, “Countdown” by Beyonce, “All Back” by Chris Brown and “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The Rihanna cover have gained the musician over 8 million plus views and counting. Her vocal demonstration and control is outstanding. The songs all carry as much emotion as the original artists songs.

featured musicians blog

featured musicians blog

Rihanna Diamonds Song and Music Video Cover

The Rihanna cover and music video released gained a lot of attention before the actual “Diamonds” music video by Rihanna. Personally I found the creative direction of the cover by Jade to be much more appealing than the video produced for the Grammy and superstar Rihanna’s video. Though I am sure the budget for the Rihanna video was much more than what Jade spent on her video, but nevertheless her creativity showed through the video in a great performance.

Shades of Jade presented by Jade Novah

Justin Bieber Die In Your Arms Cover

Justin Bieber is a superstar already grounded in the mainstream music industry, but Jade is causing noise and have been working on her musical craft for a while. Be sure to visit the artists website and social networks below.

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