Talented Young Fashion Designer Kate Walz Stuns In Fashion

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Talented Young Fashion Designer Kate Walz:

Lights, camera, Fashion! Completing the Omaha Fashion Week event with a bang following her New York City Fashion Week event the 16-year-old designer showcase her stunning designs.

Beautiful models Miranda Rae and Madison Riedmiller wear designs by the talented young fashion designer Kate Walz

Miranda Tingley and Madison Riedmiller model for Kate Walz

Miranda Rae (top) and Madison Riedmiller (bottom) model for Kate Walz

My first time experiencing this young talented fashion designer’s creative ability and style was during the Fall 2012 Omaha Fashion Week bridal and swimwear fashion show. Then she was only 15 having several magazine placements of her designs locally to growing nationally. The awareness of this talented young fashion designer continues to grow as she marvel those that view her designs at events, online and televised news broadcasts.

As a creative individual attending the Spring fashion show in Omaha, which is growing to be one of the biggest events in the Midwest I was amazed by the many talented designs showcased at the event. What makes Walz stand out is the pure gift in vision that she have at just 16 composing the pieces that she does. It’s sort of like a six-foot ten year-old that can play basketball like Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan on the basketball court… Some would say it simply is not fair for someone to be so blessed in ability.

Designs by Kate Walz

Designs by Kate Walz

Kenalsworld Featured Talented Fashion Designer

The Road For Kate Walz

Although her mother Jackie Walz manage and support her with this exuberant vision that she have; there is nothing that will stop Walz’s next destination to landing the front cover of magazines such Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Vogue and Times for her incredible talent in fashion design.

As I write these words I get chills thinking about the future of this young designer. A prodigy in fashion that will move mountains in the fashion industry as she continues on her journey to climb as one of the nation’s top young designers coming from Omaha, Nebraska.

Having been busy of a short period of months participating in New York Fashion Week, Kansas City Fashion Week and Omaha Fashion Week her eyes are surely set to climb even higher. Next stop for Kate Walz will be France, London, Hong Kong and even possibly Milan. As a visual artist, photographer and someone who have much passion for art in general I have no doubt that she will continue to design innovative as well as captivating elegant designs.

kate walz designs

Fashion Designer Kate Walz worn by Aly Klinzing

Fashion Designer Kate Walz worn by Aly Klinzing

Fashion have been part of history for a long time since men first walked on the planet. I would suggest even before the world’s existence, but to some this is illogical. Over the course of time Fashion have evolve from the royal families, ancient rulers and tribes such as the Aztec.

Kate Walz’s designs are luxurious, slightly vintage with a hence of modern chic flavor.

Fashion Design Designs by Kate Walz

Design Collection by Kate Walz

Design Collection by Kate Walz

kate walz design

Support Kate Walz

Support Kate Walz by visiting Kate’s Facebook clothing design page and liking it in support to her beautiful works. Also be sure to like this article, share it and like it.  Go to her page  to view her other design collections and stay updated with what she is doing as a designer. The link is provided below. Email Kate Walz at justbecausebykatewalz[at]hotmail.com.


The models that represented Kate Walz were styled by Sirens at the Loft.

Visit Sirens At The Loft at the following below.

Website: www.sirensatl.com


1105 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68102

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sirensattheloft

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