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Rachel Scholer

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Supporting other talented artists is part of what I live for. Last week I attended a gathering that was very mellow and jazzy held by Rachel Scholer along with a few musical friends that came out to support the gifted visual artist.  Her artwork is being showcased the entire month of July at the Pizza Shoppe in Benson  located in Omaha, Nebraska. The address is below if you are in Omaha, Nebraska for the month and are looking for a creative attraction to experience.

The Pizza Shoppe Collective

6056 Maple Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68104

Mon – Thu: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Fine Art Visual Artist At Pizza Shoppe

Fine Art Visual Art by Rachel Scholer

Fine Art Visual Art by Rachel Scholer

Fine Art Visual Art by Rachel Scholer

Fine Art Visual Artist Rachel Scholer

While at the event in support of the local visual artist based in Omaha I sat down with her to interrogate her about art in general along with her vision as an artist. I shot quite a few photos of the event along with this photograph of the beautiful artist herself. Yes, she sat down for me and we pulled this shot of her lovely smile out of the ones I captured that night for her.

I begin with asking her how long it took her to prepare her hair just to break the seriousness of me sitting down with her to ask her some questions. She answered me seriously with “about an hour”. I went on to ask her what her oldest piece on display for the evening was and she mentioned that it was from November of 2012. As an artist who is consistently being creative she never cease to create art. Like a lot of artists who have an “actual” job she also finds art as a source to get away from the world. She uses her abilities in creating art as therapy.

Rachel has painted and collaborated with a few other local talents that I have also had an opportunity to meet. Her goal for the event was to build awareness and to continue to get her work out there and what better place to do it at than a creative lounge/restaurant where people constantly visit to relax and eat.

Fine Art Visual Artist Rachel Scholer

Fine Art Visual Artist: Rachel Scholer

Fine Art Visual Artist

I then popped the big question; no, I did not ask her to marry me. However, I did ask her when we would collaborate together on an artwork. Seeing her work and appreciating her style I can’t help, but to want to work with her one day to have something I can proudly say that we created together.

We talked about art and I shared my experience as an artist with her as I also listened to her whenever she would speak. As an artist she is one of the very shy ones that steer away from attention, but I believe that her work needs to be exposed on a much bigger scale. The gift that she have is there and as a supporter she is one of the artists that I plan to follow for a while along with develop a friendship with.

I approached her in a gentle manner to extract information out of her the way that I could that she would be comfortable with. Later when I listened to the recording that I had with the 25 minutes that I spent talking to her, a smile came on my face as I mentally painted a picture of her and I sitting down to talk as the  music played in the background.

Getting to know an artist I believe is even more important than just knowing the artwork that they compose. Rachel Scholer is a talent that I admire and hopefully at the right to soon her work will spread across the globe. With mellow tunes of R&B and jazz playing in the background I finished my short interview with her, but enjoyed the rest of the musical and artistic night.

Fine Art Visual Artist Rachel Scholer Showcase In July

soulful music with art

Dani Cleveland Let Music Out

Dani Cleveland Let Music Out

Musicians such as Dani Cleveland, J.White, Montrell, Transition and Jamarr Jones blessed the stay with the soulful and eloquent voices.

Fine Art Visual Art

music and art

fine art visual artist showcase

Fine Art Visual Artist Rachel Scholer

Be sure to visit her Facebook fan page and like her page to support her creative artworks. She frequently updates the page with her new works, processes and sales. Follow Rachel School online as well on Twitter for she one day soon will be a renown artist.

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Rachel Scholer


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