Graphic Designer - Kenal Louis


Kenal Louis Founded Kenalsworld LLC in 2010; since founding the company Louis became the creator/blogger of “kenalsworld.com”. On the website is a portfolio with a very diverse amount of creative works the artist have composed over the past years as an artist.
Louis is a graphic designer, independent musician, visual artist, published photographer and more. He graduated high school in 2008 at 17 years of age and started doing graphic design the same year following his graduation. He is a student that enjoyed visual art forms of drawing and painting that transitioned into the graphic design field of art.
Louis have over six years experience in graphic design and his work featured a deep portfolio of high quality work that exemplify professional designs. He have experience in logo composition, flyer design, poster design, album cover design and many more sub-categories relating to what graphic design represents. Currently a student also majoring in Digital Imaging and Media Arts, he also focuses on several other art forms and blogging.
Kenalsworld was built originally as a portfolio site, which later turned into a creative arts blog led by Kenal Louis. With the idea to promote others, such as musicians, photographers, visual artists, fashion designers and more. The artist’s vision is to establish an online presence and source that will be credible along with much authority in promoting other creative talents. Kenalsworld gives back to those that view the website as a credible source an opportunity to expose their works and talents to a niche of people that may have never been reached prior to being written about or featured on Kenalsworld.

The site focus on creative portrait photography, original artworks for sale, photographers, music album cover design, poetry, featured musicians, fashion and photography blogs written by Kenal along with some guest bloggers.

“Thank you for visiting Kenalsworld; I do hope that you find both my art, designs and photography captivating along with the other very talented creative individuals that have been featured on Kenalsworld for their talents as well.” -Kenal

Having been featured in the 55th Grammy Awards souvenir book for his music project Washed Away by Kenal looks to break-through the entertainment scene through the sound of his voice and creative songwriting ability.

Some of Kenal’s other works been displayed in Harvard University’s halls for professional conferences, published online by many independent musicians, and are floating all across the web.

My Words And Introduction

I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in the Caribbean grew up there until the age of 7 when my family migrated to the United States. Growing up in Haiti I began to draw at the age of 4 and at 6 started to sing. My siblings were all skilled at drawing detailed pencil artwork as well as my mother Enide Louis. My mother went to school for sewing; she tailored designing clothes for almost everyone that lived in our neighborhood when I was younger. Some of the very clothes I wore she designed and sewed for me to go to school as well as church. I guess my creativity and passion for art comes from her, but my father Enock Louis worked at the international airport in Haiti fueling jets and airplanes. He would come home smelling like gasoline and labor. His hard work and strong-will would be something I gained from not only observing him work day in and day out, but I believe flows through my very blood. Overall my family was my biggest and primary influence to do anything in life while being successful at it to some degree.

The very first achievement I can remember achieving for my work that is significant would have to be gaining the honor to represent my high school Palm Beach Lakes Community High School in West Palm Beach, Florida as the creative arts person for my graduating class that year in a local scholarship event called the Pathfinders Awards in 2008. I was born on November 18th, 1990 and I guess growing up in the 90’s really was good for me in comparison to some others. Sometimes I wish I was born at an earlier time, but I have been glad to be born at the time I was.

Today I am 23 years of age ; I did not start photography until the summer of 2012, but it quickly became something that I adjusted to and discovered that I had an eye for. I believe if any of my photographs look decent or captivating it is because of my eye and respect for art not because of the tool that I use. So far everything that I shoot I capture with what is considered an entry level digital camera at Canon Rebel T3i. Prior to actually picking up this camera to shoot I worked as a freelance graphic designer since 2008; during that time I edited many photographs doing photo-retouching and manipulations, this trained my eyes. I have taken one photography course during the past few months and look to take another.
Aside from music art and design both have much a place in my heart. I am fascinated by others works and sometimes in love with my own creations. I enjoy painting as much as I enjoy designing or drawing; the only most important key and point for me is I have to be doing it as a personal project to enjoy the process the most and not necessarily for money. Even though working for others can be beneficial, I am more satisfied designing and painting for myself as well as for personal reasons.

Some of my favorite visual artists are Hokusai Katsushika and Jackson Pollock. Inspirations in photography include Irving Penn, Gordon Parks, Herb Ritts, and Melvin Sokolsy.
I work as a graphic designer full-time while I also attend school part-time. Occasionally whenever possible I do some freelance work either designer or creating art. Photography is something that I have mostly done in helping models build their portfolio along with mine in fashion and in portrait photography. In 2013 I was graced to land my first magazine cover for the November issue for Focus SWFL magazine, the publication featured a Geisha collaboration shoot I had with a model by the name of Nancy Pham and incredible stylist named Omar Rodriguez. This would lead to another cover feature in February of 2014 for the Midwest Black Hair magazine with another model.

Some of the things I hope to accomplish in the future include completing school for software engineering/fine arts, establish a major presence online via my website, land the cover of a renowned magazine such as ELLE or VOGUE, and be well know as a musician as well as many other things. Since a child I always saw myself as a visual artist or an architect, but life had other plans. However, the change so far is an adventure I would not trade for the world.