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Deborah Cox with RL We Can't be friends 0

We Can’t Be Friends (musical time machine)

  “We Can’t Be Friends” by Deborah Cox and R.L. was a trendsetting R&B song and unique for many reasons. The title itself could mislead someone to think this song was about a couple that was mad at each other, but it wasn’t like that at all. Some people have...

my way usher 0

Usher Did It His Way Since “My Way”

  Usher did it his way since “My Way” and achieved a lot of success because of his unique style, dance, stage presence, singing and generating tons of musical hit records. When “My Way” came out it was an epic song at the time and Usher was on top as...

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Aaliyah and Timberland’s Try Again

  Aaliyah one of my favorite female musicians ever. She was gifted with a beautiful voice and graced with beauty. She danced, sing, acted and was someone marvelous to watch as a fan. Today marks 10 years since princess Aaliyah have left the earth, but she is still remembered for...