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Streaming Music Trends in 2014 | Music Analysis

Streaming music has not only become easier with developments in mobile and audio technology, it has also become downright ubiquitous. In most offices, homes, and cars the music heard comes straight from a streaming outlet, whether online or mobile-tech related. Because this avenue of listening has become so popular, demand...

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Co-Working Space Drips In Council Bluffs Is Tranquil

Co-Working Space Called Drips I visited Drips in Council Bluffs, Iowa for the first time since it opened in the Summer of 2013. It is a Co-working space and truly tranquil environment for anyone creative or in business to visit and experience for their own. The event for the day...

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Advanced File Sharing For Freelance Artists

Advanced File Sharing For Freelance Artists From Kenalsworld These days, we all recognize that technology is advancing and expanding rapidly. Specifically, much of the focus in recent years has been on improving methods of communication, file storage, and security online. We hear about this with regard to business and education...