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Jazmine Sullivan Forever Dont Last – Songwriting Challenge

Jazmine Sullivan Forever Dont Last Covered Please like and share the following song if you enjoyed my version of the song. The original record by Jazmine Sullivan is also below. Jazmine Sullivan – Forever Dont Last Take a listen to the original record by Jazmine Sullivan, which is a lot more...

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Runway Model Jensen Theisen Walks For Five Designers

Striking Runway Model From Omaha Fashion Week Every Omaha Fashion Week I meet models that catch my attention. The following model is another flawless beauty I met a few months ago, but never really introduced myself as a photographer or creative person. During the Fall Omaha Fashion Week in 2014,...

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Streaming Music Trends in 2014 | Music Analysis

Streaming music has not only become easier with developments in mobile and audio technology, it has also become downright ubiquitous. In most offices, homes, and cars the music heard comes straight from a streaming outlet, whether online or mobile-tech related. Because this avenue of listening has become so popular, demand...