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Kenalsworld-Kenal-Art-September webFALL ART EXHIBITION & FUNDRAISER

Kenal Louis

From Visual Arts To Music

In September I (Kenal) will be hosting the largest art exhibition and fundraiser, I have ever coordinated for my artwork. The goal for the event and moving forward is to raise funds to support my transition from visual art into music. In November I will be releasing my first single on itunes, Amazon, and an audio visual to compliment the music project. The goal I have set is to sell at least 5,000 downloads for the single and generate over 100,000 views on Youtube along with promotion.

I NEED your help in order to reach this goal with my music. With my artistic ability to paint, draw and design I also launched a kick-starter to also help me reach the goal aside from the September event.

In 2012 I reach over 5,000+ downloads on Datpiff for a free music project I released entitled “Washed Away” and also got a placement in the 55th Grammy Awards Souvenir book.

I am looking forward to doing more composing more music if the result of this project is a success. However, I can only do so much by myself and will need your support. Below is the event flyer.

The kickstarter can be viewed at the link below or though the video.

Kickstarter Campaign | Support My Expressions and Point of View

From Visual Arts To Music
Thank you!

“Washed Away” by Kenal

Kenalsworld-Kenal-Art-September web

“Thank you for visiting Kenalsworld; I do hope that you find both my art, designs and photography captivating along with the other very talented creative individuals that have been featured on Kenalsworld for their talents.”

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