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Passionate Lovers Painting 1

Sex Art Drawing | Passionate Ones From Series

Sex Art Drawing Some people view sex as an art and to some extent it can very well be expresses to be. Art throughout history have never truly thrown the human sexuality in a cage. Art have always been open to nudity and the public critique. The following is one...

2ne1 full sketch drawing 0

2NE1 Drawing – Bom, CL, Dara and Minzy

2NE1 Drawing by Kenal 2NE1 Drawing 2NE1 is one of my favorite Korean pop female music groups. One day I hope to meet this group if they remain together and continue to be as successful as they are. I have other female groups I like, such as Girls Generation and...

2nd celeb drawing background 0

Celebrity Art Background Wallpaper Design

These are some celebrity artwork I drew and composite to create a desktop background wallpaper. I hope you Download the image or save it and add it as your computer’s background. Below is a list of the individual drawing. Bruno Mars Drawing Jay-z Drawing Shaquille O’neal Drawing Cheryl Code Drawing...

Illuminating digital painting 0

Illuminating Digital Painting

This is a digital painting I composed entitled “Illuminating”, with the purpose to open my minds eyes. In other words thought process of what ART truly is defined in abstract form. What are your thoughts of this digital painting I composed “Illuminating”?

taylor-lautner-drawing-sketch 0

Taylor Lautner Drawing and Sketch Art

Taylor Lautner Drawing Taylor Lautner Drawing For Sale This is a drawing of Taylor Lautner that I recently drew. I think this young actor is going to become an A-List actor if he continues to work the way he does from The Twilight Saga Movies to Abduction. I think he...

how to draw jeremih drawing 0

How To Draw Jeremih and Jasmine Villegas Drawing

Drawing any person can be challenging if you have no idea where to start. Below is a list of the steps and things I usually do before drawing. Knowing how to draw I believe is generally someone is born with as far as creativity and gift. However, Years of training...

Jay-z drawing-contour and final 0

Jay-Z Drawing

Jay-Z Drawing This is a drawing I did of Jay-Z with a little post-editing in Photoshop. Okay, I am sure a lot of new world order, masonic, and Illuminati junkies may to attempt to troll or talk about this, but I don’t really care. Over the past years I have...