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Justin Bieber wallpaper design by kenal 1

Free Justin Bieber Wallpaper Background Design

  These are two designs I composed of the superstar Justin Bieber for a desktop wallpaper background design using a drawing I did originally of Justin. If you are a fan just click on the background you want and save the image and it is all yours. Thank you for...

usher raymond wallpaper designed by kenal 1

Free Usher Desktop Wallpaper Design

Free Usher Desktop Wallpaper Design Colored Version Some designs I composed of Mr. Usher Raymond the global superstar combined with a pencil drawing I did of him. It’s been amazing watching usher since I  heard “My Way” to now “OMG”. He Always adapts to how music have trended over the...

selena gomez background design by kenal 0

Free Selena Gomez Desktop Background Design

Selena Gomez Background Design These are some desktop background designs I composed with a drawing I did of Selena Gomez and a combination of textures. Click on the background you like and save the image to download it. Thank you for visiting my blog.