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eyes are the keys to your sould 0

Poetry Poem | When the planets align well find love

Poetry Poem written by Kenal I wanted to write something sweet and wrote this about 2 years ago… Not sure what sparked me to write this poem, but this was the result of my creativity. When the planet’s Align We’ll Find Love When the planets align it will be a...

eyes are the keys to your sould 0

Poem – A Thousand Years

Poem – A Thousand Years A thousand years passed and we are both still alive Seen dramatic changes in nature and throughout time I still stand before you remembering my vows Knowing that your soul I treasure beyond what’s now We have both seen many weather changes Forecasts shifting our...

eyes are the keys to your sould 0

Dear Poetry (Poem) written by kenal

  Dear poetry, I have love for you like no other The deeper I get seems the deeper I write So I’m knocking these words out like I’m mike In the ring cause it ain’t a thing Found favor, flavor and some haters Now haiku’s running out of my mind...