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Skrillex Leaving Dubstep Covers From The Leaving EP

Skrillex Leaving  On Kenalsworld Skrillex is one of the many very talented music producers I hope and aspire to collaborate with as a musician one day. Aside from art, design and photography music is something that I enjoy very much. Music from mostly any genre and in any language. Over...

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First Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy Grammy Nominated

Singaporean Producer Arun Shenoy Grammy Nominated Among Kenalsworld Featured Musicians Fall Arun Shenoy To be considered the first Grammy nominated producer coming from any country internationally is a big honor and Sigaporean music composer and producer Arun Shenoy. Nominated for 2013 he is considered the best Singaporean music producer and...

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Musical Genius Ryan Leslie Delivers Class In Les Is More

Musical Genius Ryan Leslie Ryan Leslie is a musician I have followed since 2007 when Myspace was still alive before the social network went through a major downfall due to Facebook. A musical genius that is gifted with the ability to compose music uniquely and different from many other mainstream...

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Soulful Music Musician and Painter of Sound Vikter Duplaix

Soulful Music Composer Vikter Duplaix Among Featured Musicians Recently came across this gifted musician on Twitter by the name of Vikter Duplaix. A name that carries class, elegance, and the artist has branded to make unique to his sound and persona. Duplaix is an American singer, songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist,...

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So Fresh by CJ Hilton Rising Musician

  The son of a gospel vocalist, Baltimore, Maryland native CJ Hilton is a talent by nature. Growing up, the 21-year-old singer honed his enormous talent singing in church. Skipping the traditional talent show route, CJ’s skills earned him an immediate signing with Washington, DC-based production company Backwoods, known for...

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Julius Francis is Musically Infected

Julius Francis is a Vocalist, Engineer, Producer, and songwriter. With the ability to create an all original piece of music from the ground up this artist is multi-talented when it comes to music. His original goal was to become a Dentist, and get a DDS, but in college he realized...

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