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Mario Fatal Distraction Single Delivers Tense Emotions

Mario Fatal Distraction  On Kenalsworld Mario has never truly fallen short of delivering R&B music that is pure, original in sound as well as the most musical R&B records at his time. The talented singer/songwriter also never fell into the pop collection of music and stayed true to only creating...

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Canadian Musician | AHI On My Own Music Video

Canadian Musician | AHI “On My Own” Music Video AHI (I) delivers a soulful and reminiscing sound when he opens his mouth to speak melodic words. The Canadian musician presently tours in the UK, AHI is set to branch into Europe later this summer before returning to North America in...

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Music Release | Jarell Perry First Time Again Musically Nasty

Music Release | Jarell Perry First Time  ft. Nacho Picasso, Torae, and Locksmith You listen to some musicians that produce simple sound and you experience musicians like Jarell Perry who creates musical works. “First Time” is sensual, current, smooth and somewhat poetic in a sense. The lyrics by rappers Nacho...

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Featured Musician | Angela Jae Releases Broken Heart

Featured Musician | Angela Jae Broken Heart “It’s not a secret that R&B has needed a makeover for some time now. With artists like Frank Ocean, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Dawn Richard and others, R&B has taken a nice turn for the better. With electronic music taking over the clubs and...

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Featured Band | Atlanta’s Hamilton Park ft. Alley Boy

Featured Band | Hamilton Park on Kenalsworld Rarely of late to I write about musicians that It is almost impossible to find a biography on, but I enjoyed this recent tune by Hamilton Park a male R&B music group based and coming from the city of Atlanta, Georgia.  The group...

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Featured Musicians | Omar Wilson Music Sent From Heaven

Featured Musician On Kenalsworld When someone mentions the names Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, and Gerald Levert the thought of a strong R&B voice would generally come to mind. All of these musicians are among some of the soulful artists that I admired with all unique and distinct voices...

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Featured Musicians | Baiyu Enter 2013 With Sound Again

Featured Musicians Among Kenalsworld Musicians come from all over the world. Baiyu is a songstress with Chinese background originally from Xiamen, China. This talented female artist now falls among the featured musicians that I recently received a promotional email from; her team is promoting her hard. When one listen to...

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Featured Musicians | Austin Brown In City Of Angels

Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld Soul, Class and Musical demonstration is what Austin Brown represents as well as deliver through his all of the music that he releases. The 27-year-old musician, singer, and songwriter currently located in  Los Angeles, California over the past few years have really been getting a lot...

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