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Rihanna Stay Rendered by Gifted Vocalist Jade Novah

Rihanna Stay Covered In Excellence Jade Novah is an incredible female singer and songwriter as well as gifted musician that I have featured on the blog in the past for her music project Shades of Jade, which can be heard at the following player below and read about via the...

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Rihanna Diamonds Lyrics Shine Bright

Featured musicians on Kenalsworld range from independent and signed artists that I generally randomly decide to blog or write about. Rihanna Diamonds Music Video The latest song by Rihanna “Diamonds” is an epic and strong song performed by the talented songstress and globally known musician Rihanna.  “Diamond” is one of...

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“You Da One” by Rihanna

I have been waiting for this video from Rihanna since the song was released. “You Da One” is a hit record and this music video is definitely very artistic and sexy. “You Da One” by Rihanna is a very catchy tune and the video being abstract in production is original.

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“Fly” by Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna

“Fly” Nicki Minaj’s latest single featuring Rihanna is an amazing collaboration by two of the top female artists/musicians in today’s mainstream music industry. The song is positive, catchy, original and melodious. Rihanna does a superb job on the vocals and Nicki Minaj does what she always do by killing the...

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Cheers To Rihanna Drink To That

Cheers To Rihanna Drink To That A Hit Song Cheers to the haters, to the weekend, to a successful life and the future. This is what Rihanna’s latest released single “Cheers”(Drink To That) is about. Celebrities and other successful people always have haters or people that wished that they never...

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Rihanna Man Down Song Review

Rihanna Man Down Rihanna going back a little bit to the roots of her music Reggae and that good Jamaican sound of music. This is a very sultry, sexy production in color and art direction. Her vocals in this song also very soothing and the melody is catchy/melodious. The story...