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Music Blog Feature | Kaila Picard Beyond Talented Artist

Music Blog Feature On Kenalsworld Hot artist feature in the summer. Music Blog Feature | Kaila Picard Who is Kaila Picard? Well, Kaila Picard is a Montreal-based songstress with a self-titled mini-album. She is an artist to watch closely because she is a gifted songwriter with an amazing ear for...

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Canadian Musician | AHI On My Own Music Video

Canadian Musician | AHI “On My Own” Music Video AHI (I) delivers a soulful and reminiscing sound when he opens his mouth to speak melodic words. The Canadian musician presently tours in the UK, AHI is set to branch into Europe later this summer before returning to North America in...

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Urban Pop Musician | Milla Brune Have a Precious Voice

Some musicians you listen to simply makes you bop your head to their music while other musicians give you chills and goosebumps at the very sound of their voice. Milla Brune is one of those musicians that give you chills at the very utterance of sound that travels through her...

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Featured Music Talent Shannon LaBrie Rising To Stardom

Featured Acoustic Music Talent on Kenalsworld Combine the sound of British artist Sade with pop/acoustic musician Colbie Caillat and a musical product as well as talent such as Shannon LaBrie is born. The sound that Shannon deliver through her music is reminiscent of the soul and passion that can be...

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Featured Musician | Betsey Long’s Gemeni To Remedy

Featured Musician On Kenalsworld Some musicians have the power to captivate you with the very first word that they pronounce through their music by their voice, presence or tone. That is true about an artist named Betsey Long that I recently was graced to experience for the first time musically. ...

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Featured Musician | Latasha Lee Have Soul For Real

Featured Musician | Latasha Lee Finding great musicians and or being referred a unique and such a soulful musician like Latasha Lee does not always come my way as a listener and someone who enjoys music from a wide range of genres; primarily Soul, R&B, and Pop music. Growing up...

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Songstress Tess Henley Test Heart With Her Soulful Vocals

Tess Henley Among Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld The female musician and talented vocal and instrumental artist Tess Henley brings me back to a sound in R&B/Soul music that is not as widely praised as it used to be. A much more modern sound and version of Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott...

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Soulful Music Musician and Painter of Sound Vikter Duplaix

Soulful Music Composer Vikter Duplaix Among Featured Musicians Recently came across this gifted musician on Twitter by the name of Vikter Duplaix. A name that carries class, elegance, and the artist has branded to make unique to his sound and persona. Duplaix is an American singer, songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist,...

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Tyrese Best Of Me Sounds Smooth As Always

Tyrese Best Of Me The latest single by R&B and soul singer Tyrese “Best Of Me” is nothing but the pure form of what R&B used to widely represent. Sensual, passionate, love and gently music. Today R&B is viewed and listened to for different purposes rather than just what use...

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Neo-Soul Artist Thurston Ray Represent Music With A Classic Album

Neo-Soul Artist Thurston Ray Thurston Ray is a classy, soulful and a very musical Neo-Soul songwriter and singer. His style is unique, original, soul, melodic, and pure musicality express through the art of sound and rhythm. The sound the artist brings are sweet melodies, emotional ballads, and a unique presence...

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