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Soulful Female Vocalist Ashley DuBose

Soulful Female Vocalist Presented On Kenalsworld There are musicians and vocalists that are so moving, when they open their mouth to sing that beauty comes out. This talented musicians have been seen by many people nationally and is a talent that I believe will one day hold a Grammy Award...

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Featured Music Talent Shannon LaBrie Rising To Stardom

Featured Acoustic Music Talent on Kenalsworld Combine the sound of British artist Sade with pop/acoustic musician Colbie Caillat and a musical product as well as talent such as Shannon LaBrie is born. The sound that Shannon deliver through her music is reminiscent of the soul and passion that can be...

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Featured Musicians | Shades of Jade by Jade Novah

Featured Musicians Blog Shades of Jade presented by Jade Novah If I was to start writing about an artist and said that she had a voice of an angel would that be too cliche? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if it comes across as that either way. Jade Novah...