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Elijah Blake X.O.X. ft. Common Music Video

From Redd Styles to Elijah Blake a musician changes his stage name, appearance and even evolve in sound.When I first came across Blake’s music it was either 2007 or 2008. Growing up in South Florida where the artist is also from; I never got a chance to collaborate with the...

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Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven Hit Song

Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars is never short of writing and recording hit records. The vocals in “locked out of heaven” are beautiful and very well put down on the soundtrack. A hit song written again by the “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are” songwriter. The...

Sing You Home by Xenia 0

Xenia Sing You Home

Sing You Home by Xenia As I listened to Sing You Home I thought of the sound Adele produced and shared with the world that made her a now well-known musician. I believe Xenia also have a similar sound, but slight difference in persona while unique is some way. Sing...