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TLF and Corneille Le Meilleur Du Monde

TLF and Corneille Le Meilleur Du Monde Le Meilleur Du Monde by TLF and Corneille is one of the many international and french songs I enjoy listening to. I blog French music, Latin/Spanish usic, Chinese music and even Koren Pop often whenever possible. Corneille is one of my favorite international musicians...

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“We All Try” by Frank Ocean

A few weeks back I download Frank Ocean’s Mixtapes from DatPiff and listened to all of his music and was blown away by the musical ability he have. In the mixtape I found “Novacane”, “Songs For Women”, and “We All Try” to be among my favorites off his mixtape. I...

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“Do It Like You” by Diggy ft Jeremih

“Do It Like You” by Diggy featuring Jeremih is a very smooth melodic song due to the tone and addition of Jeremih on the song as a background and chorus singer. When I first heard the song I was not that captivated by the song because I was not much...