The Most Diverse Artist Portfolio

The Most Diverse Artist Portfolio

Kenalsworld is an artist portfolio and art blog about drawing. Kenalsworld feature Illustrations, digital art and drawing ideas curated by Illustration artist Kenal Louis. 

Kenalsworld is more than an ordinary artist portfolio.

A Magical Point of View With Art Direction by Kenal Louis. 

The wesite was originally launched in 2011.

Passionate About Art

Early Days

Coloring a fashion illustration
at 4 years-old.

Hey there! I’m Kenal Louis

I illustrate creative visions and bring them to life through art. Kenalsworld is not a ordinary artist portfolio website, it is a diverse body of art I've created over the years.

My Goal With Art

I want my art to convey hope, inspire boldness and represent beauty.
Art changes the world, it transforms us from the inside out.

With my experience creating artworks and illustrations over the years, I've organized everything on the site by sections relating to the different types of art I create.

I am passionate about art & everyday I draw or paint Something.
You can follow my art process @Kenallouis on Instagram or Pinterest. On my instagram page I share daily stories and frequent posts of illustrations, drawings, and digital paintings I created through some speed painting videos.

If you are looking for a creative artist to hire.

Get in touch with me on Instagram.

Present Day

This is me now with some of my art in the background. 

Looking For A Creative Artist? Looking For Art To Give To a Friend or Loved One?

I created original art for sale through the site store. Comissioned artwork are also welcome. Are you looking for a portrait artist to paint or draw an illustration of someone you love to convey an idea for you? I am the artist to get in touch with.​


Creating The Best Luxury art gifts
for your loved one


An Expert Album Cover Illustrator
And Designer For Musicians


I believe being diverse is important as a creative artist. Being able to create illustrations in both digital art and traditional art is something I take pride in. This is one of the things I believe allows me to be able to say that I have a diverse art portfolio.

Digital Art Work Space

8 Years In Graphic Design 

For over 8 years I have created album art, book covers, posters, logos, websites and provided many other creative services for clients.

I believe in growth and every year I make it a goal to grow as an artist. I hope you enjoy the website and find it as a creative source of inspiration and art space to explore.

Kenalsworld Feature Art Blogs, Digital Art, How To Draw, Drawing Ideas, and Drawings

The following art different section of the art blog on Kenalsworld.

Pushing myself to creative a diverse artistic portfolio is a progressive challenge. I create drawings everyday and work on art projects weekly. Truly, I cannot imagine doing something else other than being an artist for the rest of my life.

Curated Art By Digital Illustrator and Visual Artist Kenal Louis