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Hi, I'm Kenal Louis. Welcome to my cool world of art. On Kenalsworld you will find tips on how to promote your creative business, many of my creative illustrations, and quality artworks by fellow creative artists. Explore Kenalsworld a digitally cool work of art. Illustrations, drawings, photographs, and paintings can all be view through the blog as well as the portfolio. However, I do recommend the blog because it is the most updated part of the website.

A Visual Artist Creative Art Series & Art Collections

Below you will find some of my art series completed in the past as well as some ongoing art series, which I am currently working on. When I first came up with the idea for Kenalsworld in 2010, I had so many different directions I was taking the site. Over time it’s developed into what I consider a cool world of art online for art lovers.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the various artworks on Kenalsworld. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for new art posts and insightful blog posts about the art of marketing art and more.

Fashion Gods Art Series

Fashion Gods Art Series

The Fashion Gods art series is one of the many collections I’ve developed experimenting with digital art. My passion for fashion and my love for beautiful imagery inspired this collection.

Line Art Series

Line Drawings

Lines can be straight, curved or implied. I think collections of my artwork I have composed and drawn many line art pieces. Each artwork is either non-subjective or has a focused topic and symbolism.

Royalty Art Series

Royalty Art Series

We are all kings and queens. I believe we all were meant to be. This Royalty Art Series is a representation of this in the modern sense, in which I portray pop culture figures as kings and queens.

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Popular Art & Illustration Blog Posts on The Cool World of Art

The are some many cool and great visual artists all around the world. Whenever I see art, whether it's at an art show, art event or museum I am inspired as a creative. With the visual art, I create I hope to also inspire others through my artworks as well as words.

One of the ways I share knowledge as and visual art with the world is through my blog. Below are my popular blog posts on the cool world I've created, Kenalsworld.

Fashion Illustration – The Best from The Beginning to Now

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration and the fashion industry have evolved so much that I wonder if there is any more room for them to continue

2 Dream Catcher Drawing Circles People Are Crazy For

dream catcher drawing banner
Dream Catcher Drawing 1 of 1,000 Circles  The following dream catcher drawing art pieces are just 2 of the 1,000 circles

Vitiligo Model Winnie Harlow Digitally Painted In Silver and Gold

winnie harlow vitilligo model
The following artwork was created of vitiligo model Winnie Harlow in silver & gold. The artwork is part of an art illustration