Chris Brown Drawing and Sketches by Kenal

chris brown sketch

Chris Brown drawing

The first step I always take when drawing a picture is creating a contour outline of the figure or image I am attempting to draw. Notice I did say attempt because I do not claim to be the perfect or best visual artist or drawer.

Chris Brown drawing

Chris Brown drawing Step one

This is a Chris brown drawing I doodled, it took me about 30 minutes to complete. What do you think of it? I think it’s good and art. I like doing rough sketches because I don’t have to worry much about the flaws or making the picture perfect. Art is an expression and does not always have to be the most define art piece or artwork. In this Chris Brown drawing I wanted to show the value of not needing to over-expressed shading or blending, but leaving a drawing or sketch as it is.

Chris Brown drawing

In the second step in drawing I begin with a slight bit of shading, but not too much value. I do not attempt to tackle or imply 3 dimensional technique shading to the images.

Chris Brown drawing

Chris Brown drawing Step two

 The final step in Drawing Chris Brown

The final step in finished any drawing like this Chris Brown Drawing is completing the shading where you want to apply it subtle. Signing and any additional decorative drawing or sketches to make it your own artwork. The picture is then completed.

Chris Brown drawing

Chris Brown drawing step Three

chris brown sketch

chris brown sketch for sale

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Chris Brown have blown up to a major superstar, even despite the point that hindered his career from being even more phenomenal. That is the past because I believe the public have forgiven Chris Brown because of what happened.

Even though his image have totally changed to a bad boy image, people still enjoy the music he puts out as a musician and his amazing ability and talent to dance the way he does.

I remember talks of Chris Brown being compared to Michael Jackson in dancing, but I personally think he has surpassed the legendary musician Michael Jackson in dancing. I would not say vocally or musically, but I must give Chris credit because he can dance like no other person in this world.


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Chris Brown drawing for sale

Chris Brown drawing for sale

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Chris Brown Sketch

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