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Born in a small town in Zaire, now known as the Democratic republic of Congo Miss Baby Sol is a rising international musician. Growing up with a singing mother and a guitarist for a father, she spent a lot of time around musicians and their instruments and although she never learned to play herself she still grew with an understanding and love for music.
At the age of 16 she moved to the UK in 1990 where she would meet a destiny in her life in the form of the man now known as Jnay. Miss Baby Sol arrived at Richmond Upon Thames College where she immediately drew to the music block and there found a boy, playing the bass guitar on an amp. With his support she developed her vocal ability and started taking song-writing more seriously. She also worked with underground hip hop and garage producers writing choruses.

Baby Sol have quite a list of accomplishments and resume which can be read more in detail on her website ( I found Baby Sol while browsing YouTube and came across “Always” and was blown away. This woman is freaking sick, sick in a good way. My goodness she is talented, she can sing and have voice out of this world, not to mention the soundtrack by Stinkahbell is amazing. This is beautiful music; in fact I feel like blogging this song twice. I was sitting and just could not stop moving because this song is just so hot. I have listened to this song at least 5 times and found myself dancing to it. Her voice is so soulful and sits on the track so well.

The music video started out well, different, and artistic, but I think it got a little abstract weird towards the end. However, I absolutely love this song and cannot stop listening to it. Beautiful music by Baby Sol, be sure to listen to her song below and visit her website and networks.

Baby Sol and Stinkahbell – Always (Official Video)


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