Sex Art Drawing | Passionate Ones From Series

Passionate Lovers Painting

Sex Art Drawing

Some people view sex as an art and to some extent it can very well be expresses to be. Art throughout history have never truly thrown the human sexuality in a cage. Art have always been open to nudity and the public critique. The following is one of the sex art drawing compositions I created in 2011.

Sex Art Drawing

Sex Art Drawing | Passionate Ones by Kenal
Above is my latest composed art piece entitled “Passionate Ones”. It is a seductive sexual art drawing. The inspiration for this piece came to me while listening to Raheem Devaughn’s “Breathe”. Raheem is a Neo-Soul/R&B singer and one of my favorite musicians in regards to Neo-Soul. The song is very sensual and I wanted to produce the same effect visually with a drawing, Hopefully I accomplished that goal. Below is the contour outline drawing before it was completed.

Passionate Ones outline sex art

Below is a close up on the faces of the lovers.
kissing drawing passionate lovers

This close p of the hand gestures, embraced moment and frame is suppose to be one of the focal points of this drawing because of the red strawberry which should catch the viewers eyes along with the woman’s breast.
seduction pain and sex drawing

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