Introducing Nerfertitti Avani

Nerfertitti Avani
Nerfertitti Avani

Nerfertitti Avani

Introducing Sensual Female Artist

Nerfertitti Avani

Singer/Songwriter Nerfertitti Avani was born in the heart of Cleveland Ohio. The late Howard Johnson, her grandfather, was a member of the Original Ojay’s but decided not to be a part of the group because he wanted to be Lead singer. Like her grandfather, she decides her own path. Her father, singer/producer, introduced her to music at the age of ONE. She could play twinkle twinkle little star at the age of two.

Grandmother Almitra Hakim, responsible for introducing the city of cleveland to African dance, was one of the first to push Nerfertitti Avani into stage performances. Nefertitti was on television by the age of eight dancing and singing on a very popular morning show. By age nine Nerfertitti Avani had a book full of songs all self written. Because of all of her life obstacles, including a near death experience in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009, she has always had an interesting approach to her compositions that seem ahead of her time. Nefertitti, which means, “The beautiful one has come” really lives up to her name with a bright spirit and music that will last a life time. This timeless artist is capable of all genres of music and specializes in pop and Avani, which means, “Gods gracious gift” is her destined name and a perfect fitting description of what she will be to the world.

Nerfertitti Avani

Nerfertitti Avani


Nefertitti Avani’s Quest

The talented female artist Nerfertitti Avani has always had the potential and motivational drive to succeed the wildest dream and imagination. Ms Avani began to pursue a singing career with the help of her brother Teshawn Johnson, who started managing her career. The rising star of 2011 then met underground singer/producer P Jonez—aka Kris—who currently works for super producer Young Yonny (also from Cleveland) who has produced hits for major artist including Mya, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and Rihanna.

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Nerfertitti Avani

Nerfertitti Avani

Nerfertitti Avani Songs

Oxygen by Nerfertitti Avani

Oxygen from Nerfertitti Avani is sensual, soulful, and a seductive sound in music. The lyrics are a full expression of love expressed by smooth harmonies. As I listened to this song I closed my eyes and imagine being in love with someone or have that kind of connection with someone that I love. The thought that in order to breathe or live that I would need oxygen on a level higher that just the natural aspect of the element called oxygen.

Oxygen symbolized love to me when I first heard this song. Nerfetti Avani is truly a very talented female musician.

Dance 4 Me by Nerfertitti Avani

The next song by Nerfetti Avani is much more uptempo than Oxygen and the song is entitled “Dance 4 Me”. I listen to a decent amount of female artists in the mainstream industry and her voice style sort of remind me of Keri Hilson and Letoya Lucket or a combination of the two successful R&B divas.

Nerfetti Avani’s “Dance 4 Me” is the type of song you would love your significant other to put on while they danced for you or maybe the other way around where you cater to that person to another level physically and emotionally. I can imagine sitting down and my woman tell me that she is going to dance for me tonight and she performs a very seductive dance to this song.

Nerfetti Avani’s vocal performance on the two songs is very well done and I only hope that the right ears discover and work with the talented female artist. She writes, sing, dance and definitely have the image to be a star.

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