High Heels Paintings For Sale

high heels painting for sale

High Heels Paintings For Sale

High Heels VS. Sneakers

High Heels for sale

High Heels for sale – $400.00

Nothing a woman wears can make her more sexy then seeing her in high heels. There is just something about a woman that wears high heels because it takes the level of a woman’s class and style higher. If I had a choice to date a two women that I both strongly liked and had a choice between a woman in sneakers and a woman in heels, I would definitely choose the woman in high heels.

Though there is nothing wrong with a woman that wears sneakers, but I would much rather be the one as a man wearing sneakers and have my lady showing her beautiful feet as we go out anywhere that is casual. Of course sneakers have their place in this life, like sports events and other active activities.

As a man I would much rather come home or go home with my lady and take her heels of her feet rather than some sneakers. Maybe I am one of the only straight guys speaking out on this and maybe not, but women in high heels are generally more sexy.

High Heels

High Heels Painting

High Heels Painting Print

High Heels Painting For Sale

High Heels For Your Home, Office or Closet

I decided to work on a series of different high heels paintings like the one above because I thought anyone would love to have paintings such as these in their big open door closet, office or living room specially if they have a fetish for shoes. I spoke to a friend a little while back an he said he would love to have a painting of high heels in his office because the women would love it and that might also get him laid.

At that very moment I thought to myself you can’t be serious, but than again some men use cheesy pick-up lines to sweep some women off their feet so a painting like this would definitely make it easier to flirt if a woman said “that painting is beautiful” or “I like that artwork”. This would create an open opportunity for that man to leverage the conversation to his favor.

Many men that have “game” or know all the right things to say to a woman would seize the opportunity to use something as simple as a painting to attract women.

High Heels Paintings For Sale

High Heels Art

high heels painting for sale

high heels painting for sale

Who Invented High Heels

High heels have been found in ancient Egyptian murals in temples and some of the earliest recorded instance of men or women wearing high level shoes (high heels) comes from Hellenic times.

The question “who invented high heels?” maybe never be fully answered.

I can only assume that the kings and queens that wore high heels did so in order to be viewed higher the average person. I guess being elevated made them feel superior to their servants and common people.

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High Heels In The Present and Future

Today high heels is something used as mainly for fashion. With many different styles, colors, textures and creative minds. The future of high heels only looks more radical and insane pertaining to design. High heels used to be simple, but now have become more abstract.

The creativity in creating high heels is even more diverse now because there are even high heel sneakers now. What is the next step in high heels evolution.

High Heels Paintings For Sale

High Heels Paintings For Sale

high heels painting for sale

high heels painting for sale

High Heels Paintings For Sale

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High Heels Paintings For Sale

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