Toi Stori Amnesia In Music

Toi Stori – Amnesia

Talented Female Singer

Toi stori Amnesia

Toi stori Amnesia

Toi Stori – Amnesia

Talented Female Singer

Toi Stori’s “Amnesia” is a hot, sexy, energetic and musical song by the songstress. “Amnesia” carries a lot of confidence in energy regarding sound, the song is um-tempo and suitable for any club event or party. The soundtrack and overall sound is phenomenal and Toi Stori vocally does a beautiful job.  She is a talented female singer and as an artist on the rise, it is only a matter of time before her music breaks trough and get her where she wants to be in the mainstream music industry and scene as a new and hot female artist.

Toi Stori - swagga jacka

Toi Stori - swagga jacka

Swagga Jacka

Toi Stori – Urban Pop Female Artist

She makes Amnesia sound good even though the term itself is defined as a loss of memory, but Toi Stori makes is sound like it is a good thing and something one should experience at a party. Another single by Toi Stori “Swagga Jacka” is an anthem for the ladies that know they are sexy and innovative with their style/swagga that other females sometimes copy or “Jack”.


Toi Stori A Rising Talented Female Singer

With energy, class, and sass, the wind blows in a versatile new talent, her name…TOI STORI. Poised in diva fashion, with a delivery of “in your face” attitude, this dynamic new artist breaks out onto the scene with such force, it’s almost impossible not to take notice.

TOI is a diverse singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey who was raised around music her entire life. Coming from a family of musicians, she couldn’t avoid the impact music had on her at a very early age.

I remember my parents telling me to go bed as I would sneak and listen at the top of the basement stairs while they created music in our home studio – Toi Stori

recalls the singer who gains inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Toni Braxton and most recent icons such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Toi Stori Short History

Years later, approached with the opportunity to be a part of a girl group Honey, TOI received her first crash course into the music industry. The late night studio sessions, vocal training and extensive dance rehearsals could easily become very intimidating, but, TOI embraced her calling. Honey later received a spot on the Pantene Total You Tour, touring with Yolanda Adams, Regina Bell and top model Eva along with many others to New York, Philly, and North Carolina.

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Toi Stori Amnesia In Music

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