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One of the Popular song of 2012 by Kenal is an original pop song that have brought him a variety of fans because they have a high interest in his music. Kenal born Pierre Kenal Louis is a talented musician born of Port-Au-Prince Haiti, who admire music and art to an extant that only he can describe; for instance, he loves poetry, drawing, painting and anything that pertain to music and art.

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Popular Song of 2012


Better Man Popular Song of 2012

Kenal’s popular song of 2012 “better man” shows that he is a poet expressing his deeper thought on each musical notes that is dropped. The talented singer grew up in a family who enjoyed various types of music; Kenal grew up listening to Bachata every Sunday after Church because his uncle Garvel love Latin music. His older siblings were very involved in gospel group, singing at wedding or special events; Kenal is the youngest of his parents Enide and Enock Louis youngest son.

Popular Song of 2012

Better Man – Kenal

Kenal believes that music is the language of expression; therefore, one of Kenal’s popular song of 2012 “better man” should not have brought any curiosity as to what inspired this song. To think about it, the inspiration must have come from a relationship the writer wanted to save.

Many folks wonder about the name Kenal, the singer said his name is defined in Indonesian as (to Know), I tell you the truth this young talented singer is a genius. Kenals’ parents Enide and Enock louis brought him with them to the United States at the age of seven; when he turned thirteen years old he joined The Palm Beach Lakes High School choir. Kenal’s Popular song of 2012 “better man” is not going to be the only original track you hear from the artist.

Popular Song of 2012

Better Man Broken Down

The singer of one of the popular song of 2012 “better man” is about a man who decided to be better at everything his partner valued. For Example, a better lover, a stronger man and more to convinced the love of his life not to walk away from what they have worked so hard to build. An advice every men should know is to not wait at the last minute of your relationship going downhill and that’s when you trying to be a better man.

Moreover, Kenal have many covers that you may find interesting on his YouTube channel. My favorite cover by Kenal is “Dedication To My Ex” by Lloyd and “I like It Like That” by Hot Chelle Rae. If you are looking for a good laugh, you should check all of his covers out and I believe you will not regret it. Jolin Tsai “Tian Kong” 蔡依林天空 cover by Kenal is the most serious music cover by Kenal I have watched so far, after that all the other covers are quite hilarious.

Popular Song of 2012 Taking Over

Better Man Song

popular song of 2012

Popular Song of 2012


Kenal’s Popular song of 2012 “better man” is a debut for the young talented singer; His music album may be in the works to come out at the end of this year or beginning of next year. Take some of your time to visit kenalsworld his website and enjoy the content he have on his site. Pretty soon we may get to see him as a character on a music video, the producer/songwriter behind Rebecca Black Friday.

The singer of the one of the Popular song of 2012 used to be a graphic designer for Ark Music Factory just as Patrice Wilson used to be the former CEO of Ark. I guess some how these two guys went on their own way to start new adventure and remained good friends and partner.

Popular Song of 2012

The singer also paint and draws which is fascinating, Kenal is self trained designer reside in Omaha, Nebraska. You can view his works from his site kenalsworld; In addition, he has a poetry book out on eBook titled Tales from Hypnotic Hearts. The book is written by the singer and his High School friend Channing Cannon a long time friend of Kenal.

These two fellas did incredible well with the poems in this book; I hope that “Better Man” will turn you into Kenal supporter. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel and visit his blog daily because he always has some interesting content on his site.

Popular Song of 2012


Kenal Louis

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Popular Song of 2012

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