Country Music Artist Katie Belle

Country Artist Katie Belle Born For This
Country Music Artist That Was Born For This

Katie Belle Akin

Katie Belle Akin is a new rising country music artist that sings country pop and is truly a music sensation on the rise! Some of the inspiration for the hot new rising country music artist Katie Belle are Dolly Patton and Miley Cyrus. What a pair of musicians to view as idols because both Miley Cyrus and Dolly Patton come from two different worlds.

Her songs all are meant to encourage one to be strong and confident. The stories expressed and written in her song lyrics convey the message to always have faith in yourself.

Country Artist Katie Belle Born For This

Country Music Artist Katie Belle Born For This

Katie Belle Akin – Born For This

Country Music Artist Music Video

Country Music Artist On The Rise

Country Artist Katie Belle

Country Music Artist Katie Belle

Faith and hope everyone should have, but not everyone have faith in anything specially themselves. Truly this artist is on a mission to change a lot of lives with her music and it is not a gospel or christian artist. Katie Belle is a country music artist and she is a talented one at that.

Being a Georgia native Katie Belle got her musical start at her school choir. Led to become a singer and performer her goal and vision became much more clear when she landed and nailed the lead part in her school production of School House Rocks Jr.

This talented rising country music artist hasn’t stopped performing since she started on her path to becoming a very successful and well know musician. Katie has been catching audiences’ and music professionals’ attention of all kind by singing at school, church, local fairs and at talent shows competitions.

Her passion for music truly can be seen and heard in her music. Katie Belle is also graced with a beautiful voice and she is still a young country music artist looking to break in the mainstream music industry. Just imagine how much more skillful she will be in the next few years as she continues to progress and develop as a singer.

Country Music Artist

Country Music

Country Music Artist Katie Belle

Country Artist Katie Belle

Country Music Artist by Katie Belle

  • In the summer of 2010 Katie Belle was a part of the Inspirational Choir at the talent convention performing before a crowd of over 1500 people.
  • In January 2011 Katie sang at the Martin Luther King Celebration in Cobb Country before a crowd of over 700.

In 2012 her music video to “Born To This” was released by Patrice Wilson the producer who helped Rebecca Black become as famous over a viral song called “Friday” as she is today even though it was for all the wrong reasons regarding music and very little to no credit is given to the producer.

However, Patrice have continue to support these young aspiring musicians and their hopes to become the next big star for their actual talents. Katie Belle is among a few of the artist Patrice have continued to work with along with Abby Victor, Ellie Soufi and more.

Country Music Artist

Country Music Artist Soon To Cause A Lot Of Buzz

Katie Belle Akin also recorded “Who I Am” and “Up To Me” along with “Born For This”, which as a music lover I believe to be a hit single if promoted and marketing properly. What are your thoughts on this country music artist? Her songs are catchy, well-written, and highly relate-able. Her music truly carry positive messages to teens not to accept bullying and strive for their dreams.

Katie’s career will soon skyrocket! Support this talented new rising country music artist by sharing her music, liking her video, posting it on your Facebook wall or tweeting it. Her someone today but just a click of a button in any of these ways. Her music is available on itunes for purchase.


Katie Belle – Born For This


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