Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing Of Week 3

Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing 1

For week 3’s assignment of drawings distinguishing and understand the human anatomy in reference to art all of the students in my class were required to find 3 poses and draw the legs anatomy in relation to the skeleton and the muscles, in accordance to how they flowed around the legs of the models or figures in the pictures we used as a reference.
Anatomy Pose #1

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose

This first model I chose to paint the muscle anatomy and skeleton anatomy on. The first focus was to paint the bones with some value and detail. Following that we painted the major muscles and the remaining as detailed as we could in the time frame we had in class. I ended up taking the the assignment home in order to complete it. This is also the first pose with one leg up on a branch and the other leg behind tip-toed by the model.

Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing 2

Anatomy Pose #2

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose 2

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose 2

This second anatomy pose I chose to work with because of the action of the image. The motion captured by the photographer in this image of the ballet dancer. In the class we are draw the muscle anatomy to get a better understanding of how the human muscles wrap around the skeleton and moves in accordance to the bones and movement.

Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing #3

Anatomy Pose #3

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose 3

leg muscles anatomy drawing pose 3

This is the final pose I chose for my 3rd digital painting of the human muscle and skeleton anatomy drawing that was assigned. The legs of the model are posed in a way that  don’t involve much twist, but the way the model posed offered some rotation on both legs and a slight stretch of the thigh muscles.

What do you think of these anatomy drawings?

Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing – Muscle on Model

leg muscles anatomy drawing model

leg muscles anatomy drawing model

This is a close shot of one of the models and the muscle anatomy I painted over the model as a reference.

Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing – Skeleton on Model

leg skeleton anatomy pose 2 drawing

leg skeleton anatomy pose 2 drawing

This is another close shot of the dancer/model skeleton anatomy drawing I did for the course.

Overall I am very content with how each drawing turned out, even with the effect and feel it give with the opacity low on the picture with the skeleton and muscles on top of the reference image. I think it gives it a cool look. Though my muscles and bones are not extremely realistic, it gives the idea and expresses what I wanted to do with this anatomy assignment.
*The Models used for this demonstration were all found from Modelmayhem.com a model search site that is awesome and full with models and great photographs for poses and reference for any artwork pretty much. I also hope you enjoyed or found my muscle anatomy drawings good and feel free to share them or bookmark this post for future reference.

 Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing

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Leg Muscles Anatomy Drawing

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