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Designing an iconic album cover that people will remember for a long time is always a goal of mine when designing for musicians and bands. It all starts with a plan, a goal, and a direction of what the artist or band wants. I have learned to understand that the more input, the more direction, the more detail a person gives me in regards to what they are looking for in their album cover design that it makes all the difference in the world.

album cover design for Sonya Khan

album cover design for Sonya Kahn

Album Cover Designer – Unpublished Work

This is an unpublished album cover I did for a European artist called Sonya Kahn. This design was not selected as their final and official album cover, but I was not disappointed even though they decided to go another route with another album cover designer with a much simpler design. I was pleased with this design and I still view it as one of my favorite album cover designs even knowing that is was not published.

If you like my work feel free to contact me for an album cover design my current rate is $150.00 for a single cover and $200.00 for a full album cover (CD label, Back trey-card design and inserts).

Album Cover designer Targeting Success

The better I pinpoint and accomplish visually the album cover design that the person is seeking when I get all of the detail I need. As an album cover designer I have done over 50 single cover designs, mix-tape cover designs, and album cover designs over the past four years.

album cover designer work

album cover designer design for Kaela Freeman

Good Quality Album Cover Designer

Quality always bring customers/clients back because they want the best quality of work. I am very open-minded as a graphic artist and album cover designer. I strive to give the best quality of album cover designs that are clear, conceptual, original, and branding.

Album Cover Designer With Experience

Understanding that every artist have a different persona and character is something I have evolved knowing and learning not to be offended when a client or customer gives me full creative license, but does not like the product that I first design.

I have learned not to be offended, but I have also strive to contentiously satisfy and exceed clients/customers expectations when designing.

Professional Album Cover Designer

Hip-Hop Album Cover Design

album cover design for a mixtape yung g heart of the ghetto

Giving every artist or band an album design that fits their visual presence, essence and image is the ultimate goal. Some of the musicians I actually end up shaping and forming their online web presence for them.

How you create and online presence?

Well, designing a single or album cover that reflects the musicians songs and personality is just one part of the entire quest. I very seldom find myself designing their twitter backgrounds, website, poster, flyers and other social networks for them.

Whether the artist is a Hip-Hop musician or a Jazz artist the fact that they are both musicians does not mean their appearance should be the same or near to each other. Everyone have a look to them and my job as a graphic designer is to help the individual express that visually through the power of visual arts and visual communication.

Album Cover Designer With Quality

Jazz Album Cover Design

album cover design for Chris Massey Jazz Musician

album cover design for Chris Massey Jazz Musician

Album Cover Designer

To view my other album cover designs and more of my graphic design work visit the portfolio page on Kenalsworld. Be sure to leave your thoughts and comment in regards to my designs and artwork. Hopefully you find my work very good, professional, clean and of good quality.

album cover designer

album cover designer

Album Cover Designer


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