Original Artworks For Sale Of Fashion Art

Original Artworks For Sale

I am a visionary and aspiring fashion photographer that have love for many art forms. The original artworks for sale that I create are unique to my perception of the definition of what art is suppose to be and represent. 2012 has been a year of discovery for me in regards to my development as a visual artist, graphic designer and fashion photographer.

Having discovered that my eye for art could be implied and used in my photography is something that I enjoy creating or combining. I think every model, person, and subject have a peculiar look and characteristic to them that makes them different than any other subject a photographer captures or an artist paint and draw.

Below is one of my many original artworks for sale composed in 2012.

One of My 2012 Original Artworks For Sale

“Fashion Abstraction De Angela Balderston”

Original Artworks For Sale
original artworks for sale by kenal

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Original Artworks For Sale

Angela Balderston is the fashion designer of Get Plastered her collection which the artwork was inspired by and composed from as a reference. Below is a block from my other article written about the designers full collection that was showcased during the Omaha Fashion Week event in the fall of 2012.

Above and below is model Romina Meyer, who represented Get Plastered from Angela Balderston. This design was very rich, elegant, but also very creative with the cast top and unique materials hanging from the waist of the model over the tight black tights that she wore. Romina Meyer also modeled for another fashion designer during the Omaha Fashion Week for Casper Couture’s Leah Casper, which I also featured on the blog and can be read by clicking here after reading this article. She looked unbelievably stunning representing both talented and unique designers very well.


Original Artworks For Sale Of Fashion by Pierre Kenal Louis

fashion photography by kenal

fashion photography by kenal

Art From Fashion Design

Naming the piece form the collection of fashion original artworks for sale that I have online after the fashion designer I believe is only right. Credit should always be properly given to those that have their works used as inspiration. I was more amazed to find that Angela did not sew any of the designs, but purely used casts to create the designs for the fashion show. The dresses truly were works of art. When the models hit the runway that evening of the Avant-Garde fashion show all eyes were on them for the entirety of the runway show.

The blue dress design was strong, stylize, and also very elegant in taste. The team of make-up artists and hair-stylist from Fringes Salon did also an excellent job in collaboration with Angela Balderston’s gorgeous dress design. To contact Angela Balderston to feature her works online, at a fashion show, or to request a custom design e-mail her at the follow e-mail address.

Email: angela.balderston@yahoo.com

Styled by Fringes Salon and Spa

fashion photography by kenal

fashion photography by kenal

Original Artworks For Sale

I did my best to not necessarily duplicate or replicate the design, but to only faintly express its essence and character through the artwork itself. Though the fashion artwork is abstract it still resemble the actual design of the talented fashion designer.

When Angela saw the artwork she said ” Awesome Pierre! I’m honored!” I am glad that she liked the artwork I hope you find it enjoyable and appealing as well.

original artworks for sale

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kenal original artworks for sale

kenal’s original artworks for sale

Original Artworks For Sale Of Fashion

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Original Artworks For Sale Of Fashion by Pierre Kenal Louis
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