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His name is Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez is an 18-year-old rap artist coming out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hi-Rez say “I live and breathe for hip-hop. I do it for the love of it, nothing else.” What else is better than a musician that have passion, respect and love for their art. I was browsing Datpiff the authority of free mix-tapes online and discovered this talented hip-hop musician. It has been a little while since I have really focused on writing on other artists and featured musicians, but I had no other choice when I heard the mix-tape by this hot talent.

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I looked for a biography on the young rapper, but could not find much on him except for a few photos from Facebook and his other social networks. I am looking forward to seeing this artist succeed. His flow is urban, musical, poet, confident, and nothing but quality. I am originally from West Palm Beach, Florida and have heard many South Florida rappers, but this artists sound is nothing like the rest and non compare.

Featured Musicians | Talented Hip-Hop Artist Hi-Rez

Hi-Rez Present Lost Time

featured musicians photo by Jason Lisiewski

Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld | Hi-Rez photo by Jason Lisiewski

Featured Musicians

Hi-Rez “Better Place”

Featured Musicians

Featured Musicians Hi-Rez

Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld | Hi-Rez Present Lost Time

Featured Musicians

Thoughts On Better Place by Hip-Hop Artist Hi-Rez

The single being promoted from the mix-tape “Better Place” is probably the most positive out of all the songs from the mix-tape by the rap talent and beyond lyrical artist. In the song Hi-Rez talks about the industry being jacked up, the sacrifice and strength it takes to live and achieve success in everything that they do. Life may be dark sometimes, but somewhere there is a break of light that can be grasped and that light creates a better place.

The chorus of the song says “Even through the darkness there is light.” The concept to think of is eery, creative, and revealing.

“I Know” by Hi-Rez

Another one of my favorite tracks from the mix-tape by the artist is “I Know”. I currently have this song on repeat because it is beyond motivational. The song is not hyped. In fact it is very mellow, but the energy Hi-Rez brings on the song is strong, inspiring, real, and touching because in some sense it is still emotional because of the lyrics of the song. Knowing that success is not too far for him as an artist and that what doesn’t break someone only makes them stronger in order to overcome the same test when it comes back around.

featured musicians Hi-Rez

Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld

“Momma” by Hi-Rez

Some may be insulted by this thought, but “Momma” by Hi-Rez reminds me of “Dear Momma” by Tupac Shakur. Though the legendary rapper’s song “Dear Momma” was much more surrounding the struggle that Tupac experienced with his mother growing up in a struggle, the concept that the two respect their mothers enough to make a tribute song about the main woman in their lives is something great. The sound of “Momma” by Hi-Rez features singer A-Rayz and is much more positive with a vibe energy that is channeled through the mix-tape and keeps it from being a fully dark mix-tape.

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This artist is only on the tip/verge of breaking through as a mainstream artist because his sound is official and real. Be sure to listen to the entire mix-tape before making a judgement that the mix-tape does not sound good. It’s real, musical, inspiring, dark and motivational.

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Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld

His latest mix-tape is entitled “Lost Time” and it is the 5th mix-tape that the musician have released. The mix-tape focus on his journey, experience, metaphors, an alternative slightly dark side of his life in regards t his music, and yet still the mix-tape is also very inspiring to listen to. Dive into the mind of lyricist and Hi-Rez and download and listen to his highly anticipated mix-tape “Lost Time”.

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Featured Musicians | Talented Hip-Hop Artist Hi-Rez

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Featured Musicians | Talented Hip-Hop Artist Hi-Rez


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Featured Musicians | Talented Hip-Hop Artist Hi-Rez
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