Music Album Cover Design For Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design Done by Kenal

This first artwork done for the following hip-hop artist music album cover design was done and composed as a digital painting. The name of the album is “Legend City” and the concept I had was to take an image of the artist and turn him into a character and combine his character with a city that was upside down. Yung Legend the artist the design was done for is supposed to represent a new breed of musicians and an artist on a quest to become legendary in his art-form in regards to music.

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

The 1st Music Album Cover Design For Yung Legend

About Yung Legend

The musician was birth in Los Angeles, California on September 6, 1988 under the name Damon Lamar Pinion. He was born to entertain with music and with his creativity. Damon before becoming Yung Legend at six-years old landed a role starring as a singing janitor in a local school play. He realized at that moment that his passion and of his many purposes in life was to be an entertainer. Damon was brought up in a single parent home raised by his mother. He understood the concept that hard work is what is required in order to become a successful entertainer.

From the mindset and work ethic that he had along with his determination, a young legend was born. The name Yung Legend (YL) then became a name he acquired through his journey to become an established artist.

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

The front of the cover design for the album was in majority red and black, but the back of the music album cover design followed a gold and black theme along with the disc label design. At first this design was approved by the artist’s managers and label Rawazeva Records and supporting company New Era Global, but I was later asked to redesign the album cover design for the artist.

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

3.2.3 – Yung Legend

From the EP album by Yung Legend my favorite of the songs on the EP is “3.2.3” which hyped, cocky, confident, and somewhat tough in a sense when it comes to an artist having pure confidence in himself. His punchline like “I do this sh*t for fun.” comes across as arrogant, but it is just part of his persona as a musician.

As a graphic designer I have worked with many independent artist and some rising musicians designing posters, flyers and a music album cover design for them, but never have come across of musician quite like YL.

Kenal Created This Music Album Cover Design

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design For Musicians

The next set of design is the second design I composed for the music album cover design of Legend City by the artist. The design for the album is not as creative of artistic, but it is classy, clean, flashy, and show off the lavish lifestyle the artist is living or envision himself living for the rest of his career as a musician. Many hip-hop musicians purchase expensive cars, jewelry and live a beyond flashy lifestyle. The album cover design also reflects that versus the primary design for the music project.

My preference between the designs is somewhat mixed and confusing to decide on a favorite or preferred music album cover design. I find both of the designs different and strong at different points. However, this second design is the final design that the label and management decided to go with for the artist.

His music and website can be visited and heard at the links below. Follow this talented hip-hop artist.

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Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

The Music Album Cover Design for Yung Legend

Music Album Cover Design


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Music Album Cover Design by Kenal
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