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Featured Musicians | No More Skies (For Walter White)

No More Skies (For Walter White) is the solo project of a Pennsylvania talented musician Matt Diamond. Matt’s journey in composing music started when the artist begin taking guitar lessons at the Downingtown School of Rock in Pennsylvania when he was 17. In the summer of 2011 he embarked on a creative and musical process in writing and recording his own music under the moniker “And I Am Caesar” which you can find at andiamcaesar.bandcamp.com.

Since then he has released numerous EPs and mini albums under AIAC and played several live shows with a background supporting band. In the summer of 2012, Matt briefly moved to Philadelphia and put AIAC on hold.

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featured musicians on kenalsworld: No More Skies

The Psychopathic Process A Classic Record

The very first track I heard from No More Skies was “Psychopathic Process” and I found the song to be a classic.

Featured Musicians In Porcelain Wonderland

Among my favorite tracks also is “Porcelain Wonderland”.

And We Are Everywhere by No More Skies (For Walter White)

Taking recording techniques he had been learning from his year of writing as AIAC, Matt re-recorded older songs he had written and uploaded a short EP under a new name and entitled it And We Are Everywhere.

And We Are Everywhere has a very classic indie rock and alternative sound to the musical EP project. I was impressed when I first heard the EP by this talent. I received an email for Matt and was not sure what to expect when I listened to his music, but I was blown away by what I heard.

Classic Sound by One of the Kenalsworld Featured Musicians

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Featured Musicians

Matt‘s influences range from Radiohead, Nick Drake, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Dinosaur Jr. Even though the artist is inspired by these other bands he does not like to think about what genre defines his music. His music is just plain music. I label the sound indie and alternative rock because of the direction of the sound and messages that the lyrics express. The self-produced EP by the 20-year old musician is pretty slick if you enjoy good rock music.

Below are some links to visit No More Skies online. Be sure to go like his Facebook page and download the EP from Bandcamp. Share and like this article as well as continue to follow the artist if you like his sound.



Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld


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Featured Musicians | Pennsylvania Artist No More Skies


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