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Datpiff Mixtapes Promoted by Kenal

Free Mixtape Download from the Datpiff mixtapes by Kenal is among the hottest R&B/Pop original mixtapes out there. I say original mixtapes because all of the songs and soundtracks were originally composed and the lyrics were also written uniquely to fit the instrumentals and all express and tell a story. Journey with me as you listen to “Washed Away”. It is mellow, melodious, emotional, creative and just plain hot.

Production credits go out to music producer Will J from South Florida, U’Jay from Germany, and Double U from Germany. The featured musicians on the free mixtape/ EP album include Will J, 24K (LBC), and Notty. The songwriting credits include myself (Kenal), Will J, and Eden Louis.
Datpiff Mixtapes download

Kenal Washed Away A Free Mixtape Download

The free mixtape is composed of 7 song all from the past 5 years of me making music as an artist. Follow me online at the following networks.

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Free Mixtape Download

The mixtape is my very first free promotional work and the more listeners, downloads and fans I gain through the promotion of the fee EP music album “Washed Away” to more inclined I will be to actually put together a full LP music album to share with the world. As a musician and arts lover I do not believe in creating a ton of music to just publish online for free at all times; only when promotion and advertisement is behind the musical project. If an artist is going to create great music and store on their hard drive just for their self pleasure it is alright if it was their original intent not to share the songs. However, I have decide to release “Washed Away” a compiled free EP music album and free mixtape for those that enjoy free music.

My Goal With The Free Mixtape

My goal is to reach at least 50,000 downloads over the course of the months to come. I know it is only possible with the help of people sharing the songs and downloading them. Be sure to listen to the songs, leave feedback and download the free mixtape on Datpiff.

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Datpiff Mixtapes

Datpiff Mixtapes

Datpiff Mixtapes | Kenal Washed Away Free Mixtape Download

Among the Datpiff Mixtapes

free mixtape download

Datpiff Mixtapes


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