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IceSis is described as an ice-cold lyricist known for spittin’ hard verses on the mic when performing on stage. She carries a great tone and clever word play to compliment her sexy smooth style, flow and presence as a female rap artist.

According to her website IceSis, who was born and raised in Kansa City and began rapping, which led her to doing shows in 1998 and soon after that she gained much popularity and support among her local community. In 2002 IceSis released “A Touch of Ice” on her co-owned indie label D-Sepchen Entertainment.



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Featured Musicians on Kenalsworld | IceSis

She had a six track maxi-single which contributed to helping further her career in music and also landed her a management deal in California. Many doors opened for IceSis leading to more show opportunities and some media coverage including Lowrider Magazine, Latin Life magazine and her local newspaper just to name a few.

In 2005 after being featured on two Mixtapes K-Kuts and Most Wanted Kuts IceSis moved on and landed in Dallas Forts Worth, Texas where she spent the last six years working with new producers, recording new music and doing shows to help build her fan base and establish a presence in the south.

Recently she released a mixtape series “Truth Be Told” Volumes 1 and 2. Following that IceSis’ her mixtape “MUTHAHOOD” was released.

Featured Musicians | IceSis Brings Eye Candy

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From her following mixtape my favorite of the songs is “Eye Candy”. The tone, energy, sound, and presence she delivers in the free mixtape comes across as funky, fresh and full of swag one would say. The song is seductive, but also confidently expressed by the artist.  Take a listen to “Eye Candy” and stay updated with IceSis’s latest moves, promotions, songs, and more by following her on Twitter and liking her page on Facebook.

“Eye Candy” is a record that could easily earn her much more and major recognition. She remind me of the once hot female artist Shawna that used to be signed to Disturbing Tha Peace records by Ludacris. Even though IceSis have her own persona and her content is different the artist very much resemble artists in the likes of Eve and so on. Listen and download “Eye Candy” today.


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Featured Musicians

IceSis Brings Eye Candy

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