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Kendra Morgan’s variety of wedding gowns & bridal celebration dress designs are straight forward, however elegantly amazing. Kendra started sewing at a very youthful age becoming taught by her grandma to create art using fabric simply by developing clothes.  Fashion being the art that she is skilled within. She studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Wedding Dress Creator

Kendra Morgan The designer(left) and Brooke Hudson The producer of Omaha Fashion Week(Right)

Below will be Kendra’s Facebook site for her style model AML Designs. AML designs is short acronym pertaining to “Anne Marie Lynn” empowered by her grandmother and mother, it’s a expression of an bit of persona coming from each one of the females in household that contributed to her current design ability.

This primary fashion is among the patterns which had been highlighted in the Omaha Fashion full week wedding as well as swimsuits display in August.  All of the models hair styles and make-up were created by  Fringes Salon and Spa found in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Wedding Dress Creator: Kendra Morgan (AML Designs)

These two gowns caught the crowd’s focus in the event the show opened on Friday nights of the Auguest event at Omaha Fashion Week. I must acknowledge although I am not a woman I found these dresses to be very breathtaking. I’d end up being happy someday basically ever before got married to have a new bride wearing one of these designs simply by wedding dress designer Kendra Morgan.

This really is simply a little bit of the ability that Kendra truly have.

Wedding Dress Designers

The following design using the royal azure train can be classy, not very extraordinary, soft, and passes attractively being an general style. The actual dress is powerful, but also express meekness because of the man made fiber feel that this dress was made using.

Wedding Dress Artist and Designer Kendra Morgan

I am sure nothing short of success is driving Kendra’s method in design. I had the opportunity to meet Kendra while in the Omaha, Nebraska in the fall regarding her 2012 collection. Kendra’s character was brilliant but got lighter because the during the week I learned more about her as an individual and designer.

She is a great a designer that will expresses herself, creativity, ability, along with eagerness straight into precisely what she really does in fashion design. This particular in exchange advances to breathtaking gowns and also outfits.

Wedding Dress Creator

This next picture I had a chance in close to capture in proximity with a 18-55 mm normal zoom lens and caught Zach the subject panning once he entered the runway sporting the design created by Kendra. The vest and a cotton royal orange, which was the crucial element of color employed in many of the models presented from the models whom wore the clothes produced by AML designs. There are a variety associated with professional photographers that picture various that may be seen on the AML Designs Facebook page.

ss Designs

The final wedding dress design that I am sharing along with you is just A single out of your 15 piece selection developed by Kendra Morgan having a taste associated with yellow/gold. Make sure to comment along with your the thoughts on the actual styles and connect with Kendra Morgan to purchase one of these simple clothes or obtain a new facts in case they’re even now for sale.

Wedding Dress Creator and Designer

Kendra’s Contact Info

Be sure to visit and like Kendra Morgan’s AML Design Facebook page:

AML Designs Facebook Page

Make sure you contact Kendra Morgan upon Facebook in case considering buying her exclusive modeled designs as well as commissioning a fashion wedding dress design for a marriage wedding  ceremony:

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In order to E-mail Kendra contact her through the following address:

Wedding Dress Designer and Artist Kendra Morgan


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