Featured Musicians | Jarell Perry In Happy 4 U

jarellPerry Happy 4 U single

Featured Musicians | Jarell Perry Delivers Happy 4 U

another round fat joe
Jarell Perry is an artist out of Los Angeles and is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter. Some of  whose most recent credits  include penning Fat Joe’s latest comeback single featuring Chris Brown, “Another Round.”  He spent some time growing a strong global fan-base and followers for and of his music though his YouTube account and his alma mater UCLA.  Jarell’s credits do not end of begin with Fat Joe’s captivating and melodic single “Another Round“, but he have worked with with artists and producers like Usher, Childish Gambino, and Rusko to name a few.

Presently Jarell is in the studio continuing to write for major label projects and ready to take the world by surprise as not just a songwriter but also as a musician himself. His sound is  a mix of alternative R&B, yet  that aims to surprise and uplift one when they hear the wavelengths that this man produces though the sound of his voice.

jarell Perry Happy 4 U


Featured Musicians | Jarell Perry Delivers Happy 4 U

Jarell Perry  is an incredible songwriter. As a music lover, poet and writer myself I can feel the emotion through the works that he creates and releases the his music. There is something that stand out from artists that just make purely commercial music for a ton of money and the artists that make a ton of money and gain tons of fans because of the passion that they put in their craft. Jarell Perry is one of those artists similar to Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Usher, and Mateo that invest and pour a lot of heart into their music. For this reason I am a new fan of this artist.

The “Happy 4 U” featuring a rapper named  Thurz is something like a ballad of love. It is a song of regret, but is covered by the phrase “I’m happy for you”. Truly who in the world is ever happy for a person that they loved or were in a relationship with. Now, it does happen occasionally that some people are actually happy for someone they are no longer with, but it is something very rare. The melody and song direction is excellent and is a great single from the L.A. based musician.

jarell Perry music

Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld

Below are two others songs that I found when I went in a deep search for more information about the talented artist. “If It Ain’t To Late” and “Awkward” are two tracks I heard following “Happy 4 U” that sealed the deal for me as a listener. I didn’t have to hear any more to believe that Jarell is going to be something beyond major as a solo artist with the right marketing team and promotion put behind him. Listen to the following songs and stay tuned for more from this artist by following his networks such as Twitter Or Facebook for his latest works of art regarding music.

If It Ain’t too Late – Jarell Perry

Kenalsworld Featured Musicians | Jarell Perry

Awkward – Jarell Perry

Download Jarell Perry’s Music On iTunes

jarell Perry itunes

jarell Perry on itunes

If you enjoyed the music be sure to visit Jarell Perry’s iTunes account to see what other hit records he have to offer. Also follow and like Jarell on Twitter and Facebook.



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Featured Musicians | Jarell Perry Delivers Happy 4 U
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