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Kenalsworld is a web blog that was produced as well as started for that unique objective in order to showcase along with discussing sole art, graphic design and songs created as well as documented by myself Kenal Louis. With time the actual blogs original concentrate as well as intent changed to something which would turn out to be a lot greater, powerful, top quality, community and less individual. Following receiving several emails through froml music artists and internet marketers spam mails the whole turn to the very existence of the website changed.

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The website presently is really a web blog that does not just host some of the past graphic designs, music, poems as well as ideas that I have written. Focusing on not just me personally. However, being an overall or even versatile artwork, but the website now concentrates on additionally featuring independent musicians, talented individuals, and incredible visual creative artists which i have come across on the internet or experienced the chance to system with.

Now Kenalsworld is really a source for musicians to publish songs, pres skits, as well as songs with regard to reviews as well as feasible features upon Kenalsworld. A good indie designer blog possess formed out of the alter and growth and development of the web site which I released earlier within 2010. Since then I have been operating the site a few, hip-hop, pop, R&B, Spirit, as well as Rock and roll musicians have featured as musicians on the website. Still developing I find this incredible whenever talented indie artists deliver me personally their own songs to review with my personal employees being among the possible featured music artists upon Kenalsworld.

Independent Artist Blog | Kenalsworld

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Independent Artist Blog Featured Tinashe

Tinashe had been truly birthed to become a celebrity. She’s an incredible woman with remarkable talent. Having the ability to dancing within comparable styles such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, and Hip-hop Dancing. Only at 14 years-old, Tinashe was approached and brought to singer/songwriter Colleen “Vitamin C” Fitzpatrick regarding developing an all-girl performing and dancing music group. The young lady continued to become listed on the audience known as “The Stunners” as well as things took off for that youthful talent. The actual Stunners contained Tinashe and four additional talented young girls that signed with Columbia Records, Lionsgate Entertainment and Universal Republic Records.

Following leaving the lady group Tinashe ongoing to achieve as well as work for success on her own to build a powerful career as an impartial designer. Although Tinashe is not shy or a new comer to the actual popular music industry she is constantly pushing brand new materials as well as songs to build a lot more followers. With over 100,000  on twitter and 15,000+ likes on Facebook Tinashe isn’t very far through as being a powerhouse artist that everybody will know. Having a calming tone of voice as well as plentiful amount of beauty she’s a complete and perfect product being an designer and music performer. This year the actual brief time period which Tinashe was a good independent designer ended with her record signing on along with RCA Records. To stay updated together with her newest works and much more visit the young woman’s web site It was a good recognition to write about this musicians mixtapes, create a drawing portrait of the her and have the previous single of hers “Artificial People” on the website. Getting excited about what else she will launch later on and more.

Independent Artist Blog

Indie Artist Blog

Tinashe Official Website

Independent Artist Blog & Featured Musicians

Below are some of the following artworks and designs I have done as a fan of the talented artist. I am sure there is nothing but greater things coming her way in her new journey.

Tinashe Wallpaper Background Design by Kenal

Tinashe Wallpaper Background Design

Tinashe Wallpaper Background Design

Click On The Tinashe Wallpaper Background Design To Download (1600×1200 pixels)

Featured Musicians | Tinashe Drawing

Tinashe Drawing by Kenal

Tinashe Drawing by Kenal

To view the drawing I composed of Tinashe in 2011 Click Here Tinashe Drawing Blue

To view One of the other Articles/Post On Tinashe in 2011 Click Here Tinashe Artificial People

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