Anjulie You And I A Ballad Of Love By A Canadian Princess

anjulie you and i

Anjulie You And I Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld

“You and I” by this Talented singer on iTunes and Amazon.

Anjulie You and I

Anjulie You and I

Anjulie is a talented Canadian female artist, singer and songwriter that I came across while search for french musicians to feature on Kenalsworld. Looking through the France and Canadian Billboard charts it was hard to find an actual french artist because most of the charts are dominated by British and American musicians. However, while browsing the charts I came across Anjulie who is currently in the top 50 charts for “You And I“, which is her latest single produced by Benny Benassi.

Anjulie You and I Songwriter

The single is a sweet love song and pop ballad by the talented female musician. The song has a melody that it captivating and truly catchy. It is a song that only needs to be heard once and forever will be remembered. The lyrics of the song is a story of a woman in love and describes her relationship with her partner. Her voice is sweet and express such as innocent personality through her music, but this make no mistake she is a diva.

Some of the artist that she have toured with include Shwayze, Bobby Ray aka B.o.B., and Raphael Saadiq.

Anjulie You And I Music Video

Anjulie You And I music video

Nicki Minaj The Boys Co-written by Anjulie

In 2011 “Brand New Bitch” one of her singles became certified as a platinum digital download in Canada with achieving over 80,000 units sold online. Anjulie was nominated for Dance Recording of the Year at the 2012 Juno Awards. One of her singles “Stand Behind The Music” was also covered by British rising artist Cher Lloyd in 2012. Anjulie even co-wrote “The Boys” by Nicki Minaj. These are just some of the information I found on this talented artist, I am sure there is much more to her journey and achievement in music.

Anjulie You And I on Amazon

The music video by Anjulie’s latest “You and I” is sexy, but also show how one’s life can be influenced by another. Though the video is romantic the song also sends a message of how the man that she is with influences her heart to grow darker. In a scene in the “You and I” music video the boyfriend character guides her to rob a convenient store then the couple is pursued by the authorities. I am guessing that is a spin on Bonny and Clyde. Love can be so troublesome sometimes.

anjulie you and i photos

Anjulie Photos

Canadian Princess Anjulie Brand New Bitch Goes to You and I

“Brand New Bitch” is a hit record and I wish I came across it sooner because it is definitely a hit club song and dance track coming from the artist. It is bold, strong, sexy, and fun to listen to as a music lover. Though I cannot call myself a “Brand New Bitch” I can still enjoy the tune. However her latest song “You and I” is much sweeter, but still give a taste of Alternative-Pop in lyric composition. Listen and download the tunes today.

“Stand Behind The Music” is a story and testimony of the journey she went through as a musician to be where she is as a recognized artist.

Anjulie You and I Wallpaper Background Designs

Below is a wallpaper design I composed inspired by the artists latest single. Download the free Anjulie wallpaper background design by click on the image and saving. Be sure to share, like and comment on the article/post if you enjoyed the tune, the wallpaper or the post.

anjulie wallpaper background design

anjulie you and i wallpaper background design

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