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Writing about other musicians is something that I enjoy because it gives me a more in depth look at their craft in how they write and composed music. It also allows me to be able to know their story and feel their music even more. Whether the genre is pop, rock, country or hip-hop every artist have a story. Some stories may be more emotional than others, but nevertheless every artist have a story in regards to their journey as a musician specially if they have been recording and working for a long time to achieve the success they are seek to gain and establish.

Even though today an artist does not have to sign with a major label to achieve ton of success because of the technology, tools and the power of social media today, but it is still a boost if you can land a record deal and a label is willing to invest hundreds of thousands or millions behind you as an artist. There have been a few artists that have achieve success as indie artists specially through the power of Youtube.

Indie Artist Blog After Quality Content and Musicians

Some of the past indie artists that I have written about in the past have millions of views on YouTube, but they are not necessarily signed with the big dogs of the mainstream industry. Though one of the artists shown below Tinashe signed in 2012 with RCA Records, she spent some time making covers on YouTube and gained a massive fan base because of her talent and overall presence as a musician. She have the look and the voice.  In 2011 I wrote two articles/posts on her promoting her Lil Wayne “How To Love” cover and a pop single that she was promoting called “Artificial People”.

Featured Musicians and Past Indie Artist Blog Features

Indie Artist Blog featured musicians

Indie Artist Blog featured musicians

Kenalsworld is An Indie Artist Blog

Aside from Tinashe I featured in 2012 Jade Novah who racked up over 8 million views on YouTube and a ton of subscribers to her channel for her power voice and amazing character displayed through her videos and music. She have a mixtape available on Datpiff entitled “Shades Of Shade” which is free and available for download. Among the featured musicians and indie artist that I featured on Kenalsworld included Julius Francis, Alan Fox, KDREW, and Armond.  The only artist on this design that is not an indie artist is Anjulie.

Even though I promoted the site as an indie artist blog I also feature mainstream talent as well along the likes of Jolie, French Canadian artist Corneille and more. I believe in talent and always looking for the opportunity to feature some great talent on the blog to give expose or to just simply promote because I become a fan of their music. A lot of their music have much passion, drive, and hunger put into them that they translate something powerful that sometimes lack in the mainstream music industry because once the label signs an indie artist it becomes in majority business rather than just music.

 Indie Artist Blog That Feature Unsigned Talent and Musicians

Below are two wallpaper designs I did of two of the artists I featured on Kenalsworld. Both are currently signed and the wallpaper background designs are available for download. Click on the banners to go to their articles/posts to listen to their music and download the backgrounds.

Tinashe Wallpaper Background Design

Indie Artist Blog Featured Now Signed Artist

anjulie wallpaper background design

Indie Artist Blog That Feature Unsigned Talent and Musicians

So at the end of it all this is a call to all indie artist and bands that come across or see this post. Send me some material to review with my staff and if we like what we hear we will respond with a notification via email that you will be featured at a certain date. Thank you for reading the entire post visit the contact page for more information or email the following below.


  • Biography
  • 2-5 Professional or High Quality Photos
  • Social Network Links or Website
  • MP3 file of song promoting or YouTube Video To Song Promoting

To view the past indie artist and featured musicians on Kenalsworld  click the banner below.

indie artists featured musicians on kenalsworld

indie artists featured musicians on kenalsworld


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Kenal Louis

I am always looking for unsigned talents and independent musicians to feature on my websites. If you have a press release or press kit and you are a musician or know a musician, visit my website Kenalsworld homepage below and on the contact page you will find the submission email to send your (promo music or album/mixtape, biography, and pictures). Looking forward to reviewing your music or content and featuring it on my sites and sharing it will my partners as well. Thank you for reading my post. Support These musicians and let’s start a music Revolution. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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Indie Artist Blog That Feature Unsigned Talent and Musicians

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