Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis Tunes The Soul With Keys

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Virtuoso Pianist Have Much Recognition For Unique Musical Abilities

Eric Genuis is a virtuoso pianist, music composer, and acclaimed performer whose musical career took another step in Krakow, Poland in the year 1997. The gifted pianist was heard by a government dignitary and received an invitation to perform at an organized AIDS benefit concert. According to Genuis website this premier performance was attended by 15,000 people . From then on, he continued to perform worldwide with nearly 100 concerts each year that the gifted pianist tours.

Some of the following praises that virtuoso pianist Eric has received come from music industry greats such as Joel Sill (Music Supervisor for films Munich and Forest Gump) who said “I remain a fan and look forward to him being more broadly discovered and to watching as his audience expands and appreciates his fine talents” and John Debney (Film Composer for The Passion of the Christ and Spy Kids), who proclaimed “From a musicians perspective, Eric Genuis’ music is brilliant- superbly crafted, unique in style and expertly performed.” Eric has collaborated with famed British Maestro, Allen Wilson and the Slovak National Symphony to produce four CD’s of his original work.

Virtuoso Pianist
virtuoso pianist

Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis

Genuis’ musical education background includes achievement in First Class A.R.C.T. Honors in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He has completed course work in film scoring from the renown Berklee College of Music. Eric Genuis is a musical tour de force and his concerts are a proven thrill to music lovers of both classical and contemporary music.

Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis Presents “The Butterfly”

This first instrumental piece is full of essence and is a very dynamic composition from the pianist and the ensemble of musicians who completed the lead which started with the pianist.

Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis – “No Greater Love” with vocalist Lorenzo Owens

The next following piece also composed by Eric Genuis is performed by vocalist Lorenzo Owens. Owens have been featured on Vibe Magazine for his smooth voice compared to the likes of R&B classic artists such as Maxwell, Brian McKnight and more. The artist have also appeared on Oprah and performed at several other recognized stages. Be sure to visit this singer at the following website below.

Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis Tunes The Soul With Keys

Eric’s great talent is the ability to compose and share music that, along with his message of hope deeply impacts every person who is exposed to the sound compositions he created. Eric puts every once of his soul into his music and as such, is able to move audiences in a much compelling way the the vibration of tunes he showcases when playing the piano.

virtuoso pianist eric genuist

Virtuoso Pianist

As a music lover I grew up as a child loving all genres of music, but classical music I believe is something of the elite and most pure form of music that still remains in this world along with opera. Some of the artists that I admire that Eric Genuis reminds me of at the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Jim Brickman, and Robin Spielberg among others. Be sure to visit Eric Genuis online and follow his works online.

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Virtuoso Pianist Eric Genuis

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bobby g

i had the honor of hearing eric genuis at emauel caholic church last fridady 1/19/13 and to my glorious ears as merely a jazz saxophone player i was able to appreciate maestro eric and the three beautiful ladies in his ensemble that evening with great joy of listening pleasure .. they took me totally out of my jazz musical mind into the world of classical music and its beauty , its phrasings , and difficult passages like ive not heard in a long time ..BRAVO MAESTRO .. hope to see you again ,
bobby g

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