Natural Light Photography In Scope Captured by Mona Kahlo

Natural Light Photography

Natural Light Photography In Scope

Photography is the essence and ability to capture light or paint with light through an object man refers to as a camera. Miriha Austin is a very skilled photographer that uses the natural composition, exposure and light to create these flawless, but still raw in beauty photographs. I became a fan of her photographed works while browsing Tumblr for creative, exotic, abstract light, natural light photographs and photographers to collaborate with.

Though my journey surfing the social media and photos website I found this photographer named Mona Kahlo. Mona Kahlo according to the photographer’s website is her persona as a photographer. Her stage name when she is behind the lens capturing beautiful shots and composing her selective shots that express freedom, organic compositions and sultry natural light photography.


Natural Light Photography captured by Mona Kahlo

Natural Light Photography captured by Mona Kahlo With Model Christina Santini

Natural Light Photography With Christina Santini

Natural Light Photography captured by Mona Kahlo

Natural Light Photography captured by Mona Kahlo With Christina Santini

Natural Light Photography by Mona Kahlo

Natural Light Photography captured by Mona Kahlo

The Talented Photographer

On her site visitors will find the photographer saying the following about herself “Mona Kahlo, By Miriha Austin, is the photo aspect of me. In most other aspects of my creative personality i am less organic, more symmetrical. Mona Kahlo is me embracing my free, sultry, organic side. Miriha Austin, as a whole, i am a photographer first & foremost, but constantly finding my hand in many pots. I do not classify myself as one thing, i cannot be boxed in. Following my title as a photographer, i take the title as creative director. That describes many of the hats i wear.”

-Mona Kahlo

Miriha Austin(Mona Kahlo) is an editor of and art and culture magazine called TOAN, but also contribute to a more creative aspect to the company as well. The TOAN magaszine is not limited to only photography, but include stylists, fashion/graphic designers, and free thinking writers. It is a creative source of knowledge, visual representation, history, tales and imagery.

As a photographer, but primarily graphic designer and visual artist I always admire other talents in the art field that I am so in love with. I also think when I did and make it to heaven and if God was to ask me what I would want to do for eternity I would probably respond draw or paint for eternity. Art is so divers, universal and have no boundaries as far as limit to creativity. We limit ourselves as individuals when we stay in a box or follow exact guidelines when creating something unique and original. Art I believe is the freedom to express whatever one classifies and views as beautiful and Mona Kahlo is an example of an artist that carry lenses that she use to compose her masterpieces.

I am looking forward to collaborating with this talented natural light photography capture talent. Hopefully very soon the art piece inspired by her work will be public and visible for the world to see.


Capture of Natural Light Photography

Natural Light Photography

Natural Light Photography With Model Joy Green

Contact This Talented Photography For Her Service

I am sure she would be willing to travel if expenses are paid, but visit her website by clicking the following link below. Also follow her on Twitter and more.

Follow Mona Kahlo On Twitter

Natural Light Photography by Mona Kahlo

Natural Light Photography by Mona Kahlo Visit Her Online


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