Soulful Music Musician and Painter of Sound Vikter Duplaix

soulful music musician and songwriter

Soulful Music Composer Vikter Duplaix Among Featured Musicians

Recently came across this gifted musician on Twitter by the name of Vikter Duplaix. A name that carries class, elegance, and the artist has branded to make unique to his sound and persona. Duplaix is an American singer, songwriter, music producer, instrumentalist, and DJ. Indeed a soulful music composer; he was raised in Philadelphia and Augusta, Georgia. With roots coming from singing in church choirs to later working programming drum tracks during his time working at a Philadelphia studio.

A musician with a musical background is generally the truest musicians that compose musical hits. Not all genres of music are equally popular; rhythm and blues, neo-soul, and sensual love ballads are not as admired as they once were. However, for those who are pure music lovers a soulful musician such as Duplaix is much admired and respected as musicians.

Soulful Music Composer Duplaix

The talented singer, songwriter and producer have releases several solo tunes in the past as well as appearing on music with Erykah Badu, Esthero, King Britt, Jaguar Wright, Eric Benet and more. Duplaix in 2002 released a full-length debut album as a solo artist in Europe and would later be released in the United States early on Hollywood Records. His second album release Bold and Beautiful in 2006 featured “Make a Baby,” a single from the album was nominated for a 2008 Grammy Awards for Best Urban/Alternative Performance.

Soulful musician Vikter Duplaix

Soulful Music musician Vikter Duplaix

Soulful Music Painter of Sound Vikter Duplaix

Among his latest free download on his website features “Morena”, “Temple of Thoughts”, “Stimulation”, and “I’ll Do It For You” which are my favorite songs from the compiled project of both present and past music from Duplaix. The first song on the free album entitled “Another Great Love” is a statement to music and is a doorway into music ecstasy for soulful music listeners.

For Players Only: Introducing the Music of Vikter Duplaix

Mixed by DJ Mars & DJ Doc

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Download today soulful music by Vikter Duplais

Another Great Love by Vikter Duplaix


The song “I’ll Do It for You” reminds me much British singer songstress Sade and her music because the vocal performance by the musician is smooth, sensual, musical and captivating. The song is emotional and set the mood for listeners, which are two things Sade always delivered through her passion-full music. Below is a video that was posted in 2006 of the artist elaborating on the music and its meaning, goal, and direction for him as a composer. Upon first listening to the album by Vikter Duplaix I was brought thoughts of the great soul singers such as Maxwell, Eric Benet, and even a neo-soul artist called raheem devaughn. He carries a voice that will make men what to keep their women from listening to this artist because they might just lose their women to the music.

Soulful Music Composer Vikter Duplaix

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