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featured musicians pryce i do this

Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld

Pryce is a fresh face and young rising talented hip-hop musician. Already collaborating with other young musicians in the mainstream music industry this young rap phenom is surely going to take over the industry as he progress and continues to develop as a musician. Truthfully at a young age he have a much more positive and impressive demeanor and presence through his music than a lot of musicians attempting to cause noise and breakthrough the spotlight. Pryce is among the hottest young featured musicians on the Kenalsworld blog.

featured musicians pryce i do this

Featured musicians| Pryce

With his own brand of clean and inspiring anthems the artist is already bringing a unique sound to the music industry. His hip-hop music influences include the likes of Rakim, J.Cole, Drake. However, as a musician he even is influenced by singers such as Usher, Chris Brown and an R&B great female musician Alicia Keys. Soon to catapult to the top the young artist and his management are promoting and guiding him towards success.

Pryce Is A Hot Rising Young Musician

His first single entitled “Clean Down” have gained the talent many fans and became a YouTube favorite in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. His second single “I Do This” from his mixtape I Do This delivers heat to those that respect a young hustler on his grind to fame. Even though music is a big aspect and part of the young stars life he is not a stranger to success. Having appeared in movies that starred Betty White, Cuba Gooding Jr. He played roles both in the Cuba Gooding Jr. CBS Hallmark film “Firelight” as the lead actor’s son and in the movie “The Lost Valentine” with Jennifer Love Hewitt . The multi-talented artist is already making a statement through film work and it is only a matter of time before he is climbing the billboard, itunes, and Amazon charts for his music.

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after young musician and actor in Atlanta. A Promising future and star is definitely in the making. Watch out for this young rising talent.

Featured Musicians | Pryce

featured musicians pryce

Featured musicians | Pryce

Pryce – Fall For Me ft. Jawan Harris

The punchlines and lyrics in “Fall For Me” by the ATL artist is creative, very commercial and authentic to his persona as an artist. Jawan Harris featured on the song also did a great job adding some soul into the track.

Pryce – Love Me Now ft. Trevante

A sweet song by the rising musician featuring Trevante the vocalist on the catchy and sweet melody chorus. This song brings me back to what sweet and good R&B music use to be like and is somewhat still missing in the industry. The only difference between this artist and the top musicians on the charts right now is exposure. I am sure once his music comes to light it will be well received. “Love Me Now” is my favorite of the songs from the free mixtape. Be sure to listen and download it from the link below.


Kenalsworld Featured Musicians

featured musicians

Featured musicians | Pryce

I Do This by Pryce Among Featured Musicians

Be sure to visit the artist’s social networks to stay up to date to his latest moves in music and in acting. A diverse talent indeed this young musician is and will certainly make it all the way to the top. The final song by Pryce is “I Do This” one of his recent singles; the so goes hard for the young artist.

Pryce Wallpaper Background Design

Below is a free wallpaper background design of the artist (1600×1200) pixels available for download. Simply right right to open and save the image.

Pryce Wallpaper Background

Pryce Wallpaper Background

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Featured Musicians | Pryce Says Fall For Me Love Me Now

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